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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Another Month Come and Gone

31 March 2020

05 March 2020

Our RV Campground group went to Zapata's for dinner. If you get there before 5 you get the lunch specials and 2 for 1 drinks.This was our first visit and the food was good, but gathering with friends even better. There were 12 of us. We are blessed to have so many friends here. The group included Joy & Kevin, Pat and Darwin, Bill & Lorraine,Robin & Ken and Phil & Denise.

06 March 2020

Will the day started out not as we expected. Awoke with rapid heart beat and feelings of lightheadedness so off we went to the ER on base. After 5 hours being monitored I was admitted for an overnight. Initially it was thought I had Afib, but after a night in hospital that was ruled out. So the doctor recommended a series of test including  echocardiogram, 3 hr Nuclear stress test, Holter heart monitor for 2 weeks, follow-up appts with clinic doctor and also cardiologist. So I guess we will have another delay in campground and re-schedule our ongoing journey. I have only excellent appraisal for the staff at the Base Hospital. Everyone was attentive, caring and very nice. Thank all you involved in my care. The Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical facility voted best in 2019 for USADF.

I was supposed to schedule 3 cardio test, echocardiogram, 3 hr Nuclear Stress test and Holter Monitor for 2 weeks, but due to time constraint as we are leaving on the 1st of April, could not get them scheduled for March. So made the decision to continue on with our journey and if something happens on the road can always go to an ER.

09 March 2020

We had Daisy Flush come out and give our tanks a good flushing. Well worth the $175 fee and John got a good education in talking with the guy. First time in over 10 years we had this done. Surprisingly not much calcium deposit and because John does a good job in cleaning the tanks after he empties, they were pretty much clean.

10 March 2020

The RV friends group went to Wild Wings for dinner. I was the only one to order a salad. We all always have some good laughs and exchange stories.

12 March 2020

We did a Lake Mead Cruise with our group and will post a separate blog on this.

13 March 2020

We went over to the Commissary today and couldn't believe the lines waiting to checkout. Wrapped around the inside of the store. Fortunately we only needed a few items so went to Express checkout. Many of the shelves were already empty.

16 March 2020

Went back to the Commissary today, but only got as far as the gate and were told base is on lockdown for retirees..not sure how long. There is a small Express on the Campground side so went up there for some essential items. Refilling my gallon jugs at Glacier. Several of our friends in Campground have decided to depart early for their home. We will stay put until the 1 April. Campground has cancelled incoming reservations except for active duty for at least two weeks.

This has been a time for reflection on what is really important for priorities. Do we really need to go to the store and shopping as often..can we get by with less..a time for spending more quality time with family instead of going in different directions.
We wish all to stay healthy and safe.

23-31 March 2020

Since the campground is not accepting incoming or new reservations as is most military campgrounds, we decided to postpone our departure until the 1 May. We are for the most part staying on base for necessary shopping at commissary and exchange. Doing our walks in the area and staying our distance from others. Commissary is still out of sanitizers and paper towels, but we will make do with clorox and purel wipes.

Clinic is doing appointment follow-ups via phone and not accepting any referred tests until maybe May for health reasons..a good idea.

Lots of empty sites as some chose to depart early. We will reassess our continuing journey next month.

Campground rabbit came calling today.

After reflextion, since the campground on base is not accepting incoming we decided to postpone our departure until the 1 May.

We have now postponed our departure until 1 June. Feel safer here. We are rethinking our continuing trip to Florida due to the Pandemic situation.

Made another trip to the ER with symtoms diagnosed as SVT. Must admit have not been taking Metropolol as prescriibed. DR increased my dose and gave me a talking to about the importance. So this time I will listen. Since I was in the ER I was able to get a echocardiogram and fitted with a ZIO XT Heart monitor that I wear for 2 weeks. Will have a follow-up cardiology appt when the clinic is able to schedule.

Received notice that the main base is going to be closed effective 6 April for retirees and non essential civilians. This means we will have to go off base to do shopping for groceries. Fortunately, the campground is across the street from the base hospital and clinic.

Did get my rocks painted during this time.

Our friends from Montana, Pat and Darwin, sent this cute saying. Montana is our 2nd favorite state.

Still no sanitizers, paper towels or disinfectants available anywhere.

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