Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Leaving LV and 2 day Journey to Redmond & Family

27 April-29 April 2020

We departed early this morning for our journey back to Oregon after a year to visit daughter Hope and family.

Our drive to Hawthorne, NV and Whiskey Flats RV Park (our 2nd visit since 2014) and a very nice park. We are only staying 1 night. Hawthorne is home to a huge Army Depot and Walker Lake Recreation Area. There is a Safeway within walking distance of the campground. Gas here is $2.85 so we did a partial fill-up to get us to Winemucca and a price of $1.65. Hawthorne is 300 miles from LV up Hwy 95 north. From Tonopah you get a nice view of the White Mountains in California.

White Mountains

Whiskey Flats RV #52

Rest Stop by Walker Lake

Walker Lake

28 April

Today is only a 200 mile drive to Winemucca,NV and the New Frontier RV Park..last time here we stayed at the KOA. New Frontier is probably the nicest park in town. Got a nice pull-thru. There is a Winger's Restaurant and small Casino on the property, but they were closed due to Pandemic. There is also a small cafe in the office building, also closed. The campground has several long term campers, but they are in the backin areas. There are also several cabins for rent.Property seems well maintained and staff friendly.

View of Campground


Site #18

Cabins for Rent

29 April

350 mile journey today via Hwy95,78, 20 and 97 to Redmond and Expo RV Park next to fairgrounds. In my opinion the only decent park in the area. We got a nice pull-thru #C5..we stayed here last year.It is only 10 miles to family.

On the way here we stopped for gas in Burns ($2.15) and cleaned the many,many bugs mostly black flies from front of motorhome. In the parking area spotted this "hippie" bus. Fixed our lunch and on our way to Redmond. On the drive got photo of Blue Mountains. Arrived at 3:30 and more bugs to clean. Also did laundry and went to Hope's for dinner.

Hippie Bus in Burns

Blue Mountains

Visited all the critters they now have. Cade has 4 pigs and Colt 1 steer and 2 heifers they are showing at the Deschutes Fair in August if it is not cancelled, which would be a huge disappointed and financial loss for them. They have worked very hard for this.

Colt & Cade

Hiccup,Katey and Rocky

Sunset on Smith Rocks

Another View from Porch


We will be here until 18th May when we go to Centralia, WA for 100,000 mile maintenance.

Weather is much cooler..in the 60's and 30's at night. Time to bring out the ceramic heater.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

April in the Campground with Friends and My 79th

01 April-30 April

If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today..Thich Nhat Hanh

And so many have been subjected to hardships these past few months due to the Pandemic. Some with loss of family, friends and everyday routines. We feel fortunate that we have been camped on a military base since December with several of our RV friends and having access to groceries and medical needs. As we walk, we stop and chat with friends staying our distance.
Hopefully this will give us the incentive to enjoy the small things we find on the path.

Robin made us all masks which we wear if we go off base. Main base is closed which gives us access to Commissary and Exchange until unknown date so we go to Smith's or Walmart Neighborhood Market as needed. Robin also does rockart and her skill makes mine look very primitive. Thank you Robin for the Masks and sharing your rock art.

Our dear friends in Oregon, Ernie and Alinda, are very talented in art work. Ernie makes different things from Horseshoes and Alinda is very adept at sewing different things from quilting to clothing.
Really like the flag and mask.

Horseshoe Easter Bunnies

Horseshoe Flag

Protection Mask

Sadly Bill and Lorraine's "Little Misty" passed over the Rainbow Bridge this month. Know how much they will miss her.

Several of our RV friends have lost sweet dogs in the past few years. We still carry Destiny's ashes with us since her passing in 2013.

We are still debating about our departure date and have now decided to leave on 1 May if not before. Anxious to get on the road to Oregon to visit Hope and family and friends. This is longest  5 months we have been in one spot in  our 11 years of travel.

One of the couples, Don and Janice, whom we met on one of our walks are artists. One of Don's art projects is painting satellite reflectors and we are having him do one for us. We ordered a new reflector and gave him a photo for background and using one of his Eagle photos. Anxious to see finished artwork. His wife Janice also is an artist and I bought some of her notecards. What a blessing to be so talented.

Notecards by Janice

 Don finished the artwork on the Reflector and installed on our satellite. It is beautiful. The background is one of my photos of Lake Minnewanka in Banff NP Alberta and the Eagle is one of his eagle photos. So happy we became acquainted and he could do this for us. Thank you, Don. Sure hope we meet up on the journey roads.

Don & His Beautiful Art

With our Reflector

Don Installing Reflector

Our new Reflector

Pat and Darwin organized a final pot luck on the 25th which  also happens to be my 79th. Pat is the campground organizer for get togethers and she and Darwin do a fabulous job. Around 20 of us gathered in a circle under the shade trees and enjoyed sandwiches and other cold dishes. I took my usual fruit salad. As always a good time and conversations and laughs were enjoyed by all.

Distant shot of Group

Pat & Darwin

Kim & George

Ken & Robin

My Sweetheart

Janice & Don

David & Kyong

Connie, Don & Mater

Brenda & Frank 
Bob & Dawn

Bill & Lorraine
Tom & Cindy

Darwin wrote a poem for me and a very nice Birthday card was signed by all.

No Regrets-Happy Birthday, Amy

Today is your Birthday
A Marvelous  day!
A day so special Significant and great.

Why so important?
That's a question you may ask,
Well its simple really
You being here has changed the world.

Every step you have taken
Every thought you have made.
It has altered history
For the good and maybe bad

But most of all its brought you here
Right here to this very moment
Where your friends can celebrate
And we can watch you smile'

Never doubt your importance
Know the past is the past
Remember so many are thankful
For your decision helped you find us.

Thank you dear friends for making my 79th special. We will miss you all and until next time, safe travels and good health to all.

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful..Hazratti Pir..Inayat Khan.
So it is with you, friends.

Below is card from my sweetheart forever.

We have decided to depart on the 27th for Oregon with stops in Hawthorne at Whiskey Flats RV Park for 1 night and New Frontier RV Park in Winnemucca before arriving Redmond Expo RV park until we depart on 18th for WA.

Goodby site #42

Site #42 Nellis AFB Desert Eagle RV Park