Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Lake Mead Cruise with RV Friends

12 March 2020

We rode with Phil and Denise to the Lake Mead Cruise Marina via Lake Mead Hwy and passed Las Vegas Lake. Very nice and scenic drive..our first time.

Senic Overlook..Phil,Denise & John
Lake Las Vegas

 The tour aboard the Desert Princess Paddlewheel very relaxing with views of the painted hills and basalt mountains. The trip is 90 minutes and takes you to the backside of Hoover Dam. They also offer a brunch cruise, dinner cruise and the 230 departue which we took. Our group gathered on the upper open deck. Unfortunately did not see any of the Long Horned Sheep. Someone said it was the birthing season. The Marina is located in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

All Aboard Photo

Desert Princess

Darwin & Pat

Kevin & Joy

Enjoying the Cruise

Ken & Robin

Max & Caron

Phil & Denise

Backside of Hoover Dam

Beautiful Babes

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Glad we decided to do the tour.

After the tour we went with Phil and Denise to Lucille's Barbeque located in the Green Valley area...a very upscale shopping district. Our first trip here as well. Understand they also have a location the Red Rock Casino.  Thank you dear friends for the tour, company and restaurant recommendation. it was a fun day. Sorry you are leaving in a few days. Hopefully we will meet again on the road. Safe travels til we meet again and keep in touch.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

February Come and Gone

29 February 2020

February come and gone affording more visits with friends, movies and dining out.

The month started out with a Super Bowl pot luck at Bill and Lorraine's in circle 1. A good time was had by all and the food contributions delicious. Got so involved with conversations forgot to take some photos.

On the 6th we had Red Rock Wash come out to wash and wax the motorhome and also clean the carpet. Paul did a great job.
Wish the campgrounds would allow you for a fee to wash. We may have to have them come again before we depart.

On Valentine's Day we went with good friends Rose Mary and Chuck to Bagel Cafe for lunch. Of course we had to get bagels and a huge piece of coconut cafe to bring home. Had a nice visit.

On the 21st the campground had a pot luck for Nascar and there was so much food. Nice that the campground does this several times a year. Gives you a chance to meet fellow campers.

On the 23rd we once again went to lunch with Rose Mary and Chuck at Lola's Restaurant in Town Center. On Sunday they offer Beignets with the brunch.

On the 26th we went to see "Call of the Wild" at Aliante with our group and dinner afterwards at TGIF. Only had to close my eyes twice due to the mistreatment of the dogs. The first movie was made in 1935 with Clark Gable and Loretta Young.a totally different storyline. You should do a search. Think I need to read the book again.

During the month John had several doctor appointments and I reworked our continuing itinerary thru 2020 and part of 2021.
We were supposed to depart here on the 18 March and spend 3 weeks in Coronado and 2 weeks at China Lake NWS in Ridgecrest, but due to Coronavirus John felt we should skip California and continue on to Oregon. We will now depart on 1 April. Sure hated to miss the beachtime in Coronado.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Where Has January Gone?

31 January 2020

The past two months have quickly gone and I have been remiss in writing my blog. This month we have seen 3 movies that I highly recommend for the historical content of WWI,WWII and Vietnam. All are based on true stories..1917,Midway and Last Full Measure. We go with several couples from the campground to Aliante on Wednesdays and with the Boyd Players card you only pay $4. Afterwards for dinner at TG Friday's with your movie stub, with purchase of one dinner, you get one dinner free with purchase of drink.

We had our good friends Rose Mary and Chuck here for lunch. Made vegetable soup and salad and Rose Mary and Chuck brought dessert from Freed's. Thank you. Had a nice visit as always and looking forward to our next visit.

Dog sat Zag while Max and Caron along with Bill and Lorraine went to Quartzsite to attend the huge annual RV show with many, many  vendors. Zag is a King Charles Spaniel. He is a sweet dog and no trouble..very cuddly and affectionate and most important does not bark.

Bill and Lorraine hosted a Super Bowl potluck with around 7 couples attending. Nice get together in spite of 30 mile winds.

Also spent this month organizing travel photos to put on Thumb Drive. I have some 60 DVD's from previous photos that I did in iPhoto, but John switched me over to Photos and DVD's are not supported by Apple in Photos APP. So now I am learning a new way to save photos to Thumb Drive. Liked the DVD system better..more user friendly.

After many revisions, finalized our journey for 2020 and part of 2021. Only holdup are campgrounds in FLA. Hopefully it will work out.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

31 December 2019 and Synopsis of 2019 Journey

01 January 2020

We went with Pat, Darwin,Caron, Max,Lorraine and Bill to Texas Roadhouse for Christmas Eve Dinner. A good time was had by all and lots of funny conversation. Fortunately Max had made arrival time reservations; otherwise we would have had to wait almost 2 hours. As it was we had to wait around 30 minutes. As always the food was delicious.

"In the New Year, never forget to thank your past years because they enabled you to reach today. Without the stairs of the past, you cannot arrive at the future". --Mehmat Murat LLdan.

Wishing you all a very memorable 2020 filled with joy, love, peace and hope.

Reflecting back on the past year and our journeys, thought I would include a brief synopsis.

02 January we are still at Nellis AFB until the 1 March. This month we had a Samsung Residential Refrigerator installed,attended the Balloon Festival in Mesquite with friends from campgound, had a reunion with Salem friends Don & Carolyn and LV friends Chuck and Rose Mary with lunch at PF Chang's., went to several movies with Joy and Kevin to see A dog's Way Home and Upside. In February, back to JohnnyWalker to get some clear coat repaired,enjoyed pot luck at campground with friends, even got snow one day. Went to Gary Sinese book signing and LT Dan Band concert on base. Past 4 months have gone quickly.

We departed on 1 March with a 1 night stay in Wickenburg for Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson to visit son Darin and son in law Kerry until the 28th March. While there we attended with Darin the annual THUNDER AND LIGHTNING OVER ARIZONA AIRSHOW at the base..our first time in March of 2016. It is also open to the public and suggest if in the area to attend. Also got some photos of the Thunderbirds practicing for the show previous day.Earlier in the month we visited the Gila River Japanese Relocation Camp and Casa Grande Ruins. Met up with friends Phil and Denise, Marta and Bill and Ken and Connie. We had a family gathering with son Eric and family and Kerry's family.

Departed on the 28th for El Centro NAF,out 1st visit, until the 09 April. The Blue Angels winter here until middle of March.While here AF One arrived with President Trump for his visit to Calexico. Too far away from tarmac to get good photo of him, but did get a distant photo of AF One. We visited Poston Relocation Camp. On the way we passed the Imperial Valley Sand Dunes. While here we also visited Fort Yuma on the Colorado  River in Califfornia, Yuma Territorial Prison SHP and Yuma Quartermaster Depot which provided the supplies for all the Military posts in the Southwest.While here John installed the new water heater.

On the 9th of April we arrived at Seal Beach NWS This is our 5th visit and we depart on the 19th and travel to Lost Hills and then on to Travis AFB on the 23rd until the 3 May. While in Lost Hills we drove to the James Dean Memorial Hwys 46/41 where the fatal accident happened and the memorial at the Jack Ranch Cafe. While at Travis we celebrated my 78th Birthday with a dinner Chin Hua's Mongolian Restaurant that good friends Joy and Kevin took us to on one of our visits.

From here we traveled to Redcrest and Crescent City before arriving in Oregon. In Redcrest we stayed at the Ancient Redwoods RV park...very nice. Next to the office is the  Immortal Tree almost 1,000 yrs old that has survived fire, logger's axes and floods. From here we did a day drive to Ferndale, Eureka and Fort Humboldt. In Crescent City we toured the Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway thru the Redwoods and hiked to the Big Tree. On the 13th we depart for Central Point, OR to get 6 new Michelin tires for the Bounder then on to Redmond,OR to visit with Hope and family and friends. We are staying at the Expo RV Park. Hope,Shawn,Colt and Cade are settled in their new home with a view of Smith Rock and 5 acres. It is good to be back. We visited with friends Ernie  and  Alinda and Don,Carolyn and Janet drove over from Salem for  a visit. John renewed his driver's license (good for 8 years) til he is 90. We drove to Madras to see Colt show his steer and Cade his 4 pigs at the Desert Storm Jackpot. In August they will show at Deschutes County Fair in Redmond.

We arrived on 1 June at Whidbey Island NAS, our favorite campground located on Strait Juan de Fuca in WA. Love the walk thru the woods, beach and the eagles. We will be here until 1 July. We took the ferry from Clinton to Mulkiteo to do the Boeing Factory Tour. Reservations are recommended. The tour begins on Paine Field. Very interesting.After a month we hate to say goodby. It has been relaxing and I was able to get an average of 10,000 steps a day.

After stops in Ellensburg and Fairchild AFB we arrived in Missoula for a week at Jim and Mary's RV. One day we drove to the Blackfoot Sculpture in the Wild Exhibit in Lincoln. We also drove one day the Flathead Lake area to explore some future campgrounds. Of course, when we come this close to Helena we have to drive up and visit good friends, Loretta and Rocky whom we met at Nellis several years ago. Our visits with them are always fun and interesting listening to all their adventures.
They should write a book on their years  together and their travels.

We arrived in Billings KOA on the 12th for 6 nights. It is on the Yellowstone River with deer in the campground.While here we toured Heart Mountain, a Japanese Relocation Camp, Medicine Wheel and Big Horn Canyon. On the 14th we drove Lewistown to visit a former AF Radar Station on Judith Peak and remains of Fort Maginnis.  Lewistown in the 1880's was the site of a gold rush. They believe they have the purest drinking water in the world.

Arrival on the 17th of July at the KOA..very nice park.We visited the Historic Trails Interpretive Center, Fort Casper,RotaryPark, Fremont Canyon and Fort Steele.

Thru traffic and thunderstorms we arrived at the USAFA in Colorado Springs on the 20 July for a month...our 3rd visit.
We drove to Rocky Mountain NP, but did not see any wildlife, El Pueblo Trading Post Historic site,visited with friends Bill and Lorraine who live in Colorado Springs and Max and Caron who drove up and camped for several days. Also got a bad case of BPPV, first since 2013. Left here on 19 August for Caprios Ridge SP in Trinidad,CO. for visits to Bent's New Fort,Granada Japanese Relocation Center,Francisco Fort and Colorado Sand Dunes.

Our next stop on 22 August was Kirkland AFB in Albuquerque. Our water pump went out in Trinidad so another project for John.Able to get the part and John replaced old one. Drove up to Taos to visit Fort Burgwin, Pecos NHP and Fort Lewis and Pueblo Ruins, Tinkertown Museum.

3 Nights in Amarillo before heading to Oklahoma City. Toured Palo Duro Canyon and Fort Elliott in Mobeetie.

We arrived at Tinker AFB on 05 September until 19 September. Our main purpose was to visit granddaughter Kendyl at Oklahome State University in Stillwater. It is a beautiful campus. Kendyl recommended a very nice Chinese Restaurant "Golden Dragon". Good choice.One day we drove to Fort Towson SHS 225 miles from campground. Also visited during our stay Turner Falls and Fort Supply.

Enroute to Round Rock TX we stopped in Sanger, TX at the Wagon Master RV park for 2 nights.Very nice park that is also home to an Alpaca Farm. Would stay here again. It was recommended that we go to Babe's for a family style fried chicken dinner. Very good.

Near Round Rock we stayed at Berry Springs RV in Georgetown..close for family visits. Of course we stopped at several Bucee's on the way..a must when traveling in Texas down IH 35 and IH 10 east. After settling in, Liz stopped by and we went to dinner. Tomorrow we meet at Chris and Dave's for lunch and happily all 4 grandsons will be there. Next day we went to Breakfast with Liz in Georgetown. One of our favorite spots in Austin on Lake Travis is the Oasis. We met Liz, Chris and Dave for dinner. It was a nice visit with family.

Our home for the next month is Fort Sam in San Antonio to visit with my son Eric and family. This is a nice campground and reasonably priced at $440 for the month. This is our 8th visit. Met up with RV friends Jim and Gloria whom we met at McChord AFB in 2015 and have since met up several times. Our friends from Helena, Rocky and Loretta where in San Antonio visiting family and they came out for a visit. Sure wish you were still RV'ing. Another  dear friend, Sandy, who lives in Ingram invited us out for lunch and visit. John served at Randolph with her late husband and have remained friends over the years.We had a good visit with family and friends. On the 10th October we celebrated our anniversary dinner at Paesano's on the Riverwalk. Also went to Homecoming Johnson  HS football game. Parker is a flag carrier.

Leaving on the 26th October, we stopped in Fort Stockton for 2 nights and Deming, NM for2 nights. While in Deming we met up with RV friends Dick and Deb who live here. Went to dinner at Chinese House. Also one day we drove down to Pancho Villa SP and Camp Furlong and another day to Fort Bayard, City of Rocks and Santa Rita Coppermine.

We arrived on the 30 October at Fort Huachuca Army Base in Sierra Vista, AZ for 2 weeks. Our last visit was in 2009.Saw lots a deer, Havalinas and a Bobcat. Nice campground. Visited site of Camp John A Rucker. Had a view of the Aerostat from the Campground.

Our arrival at Davis Monthan AFB on the 13th November reconnected us with friends Dick and Deb, Marta and Bill who live here and Connie and Ken who stay here for the winter. Of course, our main reason for coming here is to visit with son Darin and son-in-law Kerry. We visited Kitt's Peak with Darin and another day we drove down to Tubac with him to have lunch at Tubac Jack's and walk around the art colony. Thanksgiving he and Kerry had family over for dinner..oh so good.

On the 1 December we arrived back at Nellis AFB, our home until 18 March 2020. We have come full circle this year.Friends Pat & Darwin, Bill & Lorraine, Denise & Phil are here and more friends to come end of month.

It has been a good year and busy planning 2020 and 2021. We are now entering our 11th year of travel with 100,000 miles on the Bounder.