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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas 2019

25 December 2019

Wishing all our friends a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Joyous Blessings, Safe Journeys and Health for 2020 and years to come. We are celebrating with our annual RV group at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. We miss several friends who are RV'ing elsewhere, but we have you in our thoughts.

Merry Christmas 

John's Card to Me

My Card to John

Today we went with RV group to Aliante Casino Christmas Buffet. There were 11 of us in the group and enjoyed good and humorous conversation. Thanks Pat and Darwin for driving.

Aliante Buffet

Joy and Kevin sent Christmas photo from Florida. Pat and Darwin shared photo as well from one of the Casinos in LV this year.

Joy and Kevin

Darwin & Pat

Our children and grandchildren sent photos as well..some taken earlier in the year.

Cade, Hope, Shawn & Colt

Kerry & Darin

Kendyl, Eric,Cindy, Cindy's Dad Jim and Parker
Jack,Christine,Cameron & Dave

Ryan, Liz,Michael and Zorro

Weather has been cold and rainy. We had our checkups at Clinic on Base and all is good.

Aside from doing errands and socializing with friends and going to see Midway we have pretty much stayed in the campground. After all this is our 9th stay here. By the way Midway is highly recommended..visual effects so realistic and Woody Harrelson does an excellent portrayal of ADM Nimitz.

Got a photo of Mt Charleston and Sheep Mountains from Campground. Most snow we have seen on them since we started coming in 2013. Glad it is up there and not in LV. John and I have somewhat decided that we may winter in Florida next year.

Mt Charleston

Sheep Mountains

Oh yes, Secret Santa left a bag on our doorstep that must have been left previous night. It could only be from Darwin and Pat even tho they deny it. Darwin and I have had several conversation regarding deer so it is only obvious it was from him. Anyway, thanks and the antlers will look good on Oscar the owl next Christmas.


On New Years we are going with some of the group to see Knives Out at Aliante with dinner at Friday's. With your movie stud you get 1 entree free.

I leave you with this thought:

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"..Anonymous

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Bagel Cafe & Painted Rocks

12 December 2019

Today is Pat and Darwins 55th Wedding Anniversary so to celebrate we along with Bill and Lorraine went to The Bagel Cafe for lunch. Pat and Darwin were complimented with a huge slice of carrot cake which they shared with us and they even had some to take home. Of course you can't get out without getting some take home from the bakery. We got some bagels, a large slice of coconut cake and cranberry smear for the bagels. Wish I had taken a group photo.

Darwin and Roast Beef Sandwich

Pat got the Bagel Veg Pizza

Bill & his Chicken Salad

Lorraine Pondering the HugeFrench Dip

John's Chicken Salad Sandwich

Salmon Salad with Slaw and Potato Pancake

I spent most of the week painting the rocks I collected when we were at the NAS FamCamp on Whidbey Island last summer.Will leave them here in various areas before we depart in March. Also decorated the iHome for Christmas.

 Pat came over and took our annual Christmas picture.

Annual Christmas Photo 2019

Oscar is waiting for Santa

Weather has been cold and windy..in fact so much so that I invited Pat, Darwin, Bill, Lorraine, Phil and Denise over for homemade vegetable soup, nosh, fruit salad and gelato on Sunday it was too windy to eat outside so we cozied up in the motorhome and had a good evening. Once again did not get group photo.

Next week on the 18th is the campground potluck..hope they have heaters outside as it is supposed to only be in the high 40's.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Week of 2 Dec-08 Dec 2019

2 December -8 December 2019

We had good checkups and got our flu shots. Understand that shingle shots we got some 20 years ago diminish with age and that now you have to get another type in 2 injections so will check this out. I go back on 23rd to discuss lab results and John has his labs on 30th of January and eye exam on 31st January.

We ran errands this week and ended up at the Bagel Cafe on Buffalo for lunch..always a good choice. Took some photos of the decadent dessert area. After lunch we purchased a dozen bagels, some cranberry smear and a piece of coconut cake that is large enough for 4 desserts. For lunch John has a chicken salad sandwich and I half corned beef with slaw.

Hung my Christmas decorations and beautiful wreath that friend Alinda made for me last year. Will post pictures later when we have our annual Christmas photo taken. Thank you again Alinda. Get many compliments on the wreath.

On Friday we met good friends Rose Mary and Chuck for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Chuck recently had back surgery and is doing very good. They both looked great..never seem to age. Will see them often during our stay until the 18th of March. Always enjoy our visits and conversations.

Weather remains cool and had some rain this week. Trying to walk several times a day and get at least 5-6 thousand steps/day. Next week will start going to the fitness center on base several times a week.

Driving down to In and Out one night got a sunset photo. And one day on errands a snowcapped Mt Charleston.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Arrival Nellis AFB FAMCAMP

01 December 2019

Our drive from Wickenburg to Nellis AFB and our home until the 18th of March took us up Hwy 93 to Kingman and north to Las Vegas passing Boulder City and Henderson..around 200 miles and 4 hours with a stop for gas. The drive coming into Boulder City was somewhat scenic with the mountains and canyons.

We got a very good site #42 in circle 2. We had wanted to be in circle 1 with our annual friends, but this is a nice site across from the laundry..a plus for me. Spaces are wide and not on top of neighbor.

Site 42

Bill and Lorraine, Darwin and Pat stopped by for short visit. Pat and Darwin had us over for dinner. Absolutely delicious..homemade spaghetti, garlic bread and salad plus lemon cake for dessert. Thank you for the yummy meal, visit and interesting conversation. So good to see you again and Snickers. Bill and Lorraine brought Little One on their earlier visit. So guess I got my dog fix for today.

With Darwin..Pat took photo

Tomorrow I have my annual checkup at the clinic and John goes Tuesday. Dread the weigh-in and BP check. BP is always high when I go to Doctor or Dentist unlike when I check at home.

Good to be back..our 8th visit. Looking forward to our get togethers.

Hope sent photo with Holly. They went snowshoeing in Oregon.
Holly and Hope