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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Visit with Son, Eric and Friends, Rocky & Loretta

28 September-01 October 2019

Today we met Eric at the Pass and Visitor Gate on Winfield Scott at the Walters Gate to get him a month access pass. We then came back for dinner here and visit. It was so good seeing him again as it has been 2 years since we were last here. Cindy and Parker were on a weekend Church Retreat..sorry to have missed them, but will have several visits during our month here.

29 September 2019

We met Eric at San Pedro Presbyterian Church where they have been members since 2000 and he is an Elder for services. The family is very active in the church doing mission, volunteer work and many other activities. As we were waiting for him, many of the members greeted us and asked if they could be of help and of course they all knew the family. After seated in the pew, the pastor and other church members greeted us. Pastor Calvin has been there 30 years and is a retired Colonel in the Reserves. He invites the children up before the sermon for a chit chat. Today it was about whether or not they wanted to look into the future. His sermon to which I gave full attention and interest was about shedding all the negative aspects of our life. He is most personable and interesting.

After Church we went to Chuy's for lunch and back to Eric's to wait arrival of Cindy and Parker for  a brief visit. Their schedules are busy so we will probably only see them on weekends.

With Eric at Chuy's

When we returned to campground, had our last visit with Gloria & Jim before their departure tomorrow. Got so involved in conversation before we realized it was 7PM so we opted to go to IN N OUT for a quick dinner.

01 October 2019

When getting in the car noticed it had a Flat on the rear driver's side. John tried to inflate it, but to no avail. He found a metal pin object that had penetrated the tire with 2 holes.
Not drivable, so since we were awaiting the arrival of our good friends from Helena to arrive for lunch, we put the tire situation on hold. Will finish story later.

Cause of Trouble

We last saw Rocky and Loretta on our trip last summer thru Montana while in Missoula. They had driven down to San Antonio to visit with daughter and her family via car not motorhome.
We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and Rocky drove. We always enjoy our visits with them as they have so many interesting stories to relate. Thank you for the bottle of Merlot and the canned chicken which will be good when the weather cools and I make soup. After the car ordeal, had two glasses of the Merlot. Also thank you for your friendship. Keep in touch and safe driving..til we meet again.

With Loretta & Rocky

To finish the story, John called USAA for a tow truck to take the car over to the Base Firestone Auto
Repair one issue being base access since we could not escort the tow truck..gates too far from campground. USAA came through and found a company that has access and they were here within the hour. Long and short of it, ended up getting 4 new tires..Bridgestone. Seems if one tire goes bad on these new cars,you have to replace all of them. Fortunately, they did the replacement and John was back by 7PM.

Tomorrow is errand day at Exchange and Commissary. We may look into a company that does Vinyl Wrap on the areas that are clear coat peeling. A less expensive cost than a repaint. Our neighbor suggested this.

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