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Friday, October 25, 2019

Last Days in San Antonio

11 Oct-24 Oct 2020

It has been a good visit with Eric, Cindy and Parker during our month in San Antonio. We will return on 30 December for 2 weeks in 2020.

11 October

We went to the Johnson HS football game tonight at Blossom Athletic Field. Parker is a Junior and is one  of 4 flag carriers when they score a touchdown. She got a workout tonight as the final score against MacArthur was 40-27. Parker is also class historian. Unfortunately, did not get any photos..just not quick enough with camera.So will post one from Eric in a previous game. Tomorrow is homecoming and she looked beautiful.

Parker is in Red Shirt

With date Ethan

12 October

Back in the 80's I made an art purchase from a San Antonio artist, Ahuva Shweiki. So today I made contact with her and gifted the artwork back to her. Simply don't have a place in RV to hang artwork. She was born and raised in Israel and continues her studies in San Antonio. I have enjoyed it for over 30 years. One of the clay containers in the picture was broken several years ago, so he truly appreciated the gift.

13 October

Went over to Eric's for lunch brought in from Taco Cabana..thought of you Hope..wish we could send you some.

Week of 14th

Just errands..bought another vacumn (my 4th in 10 years). This one is more compact and has removable hand held. Hopefully this will be my last. Only downfall is only holds a 20 minute charge, which is ok for the iHome and takes 4 hours to recharge.

Bought a shade extender for awning and oil for generator. John washed and waxed the motorhome..a 2 day job.On one of my walks spotted 2 Armadillos..fortunately they were on the other side of campground fence. Think they are so ugly and eerie looking.Also spent time planning our continuing trip for 2020.

20 October

Had Eric, Cindy and Cindy's dad Jim over for dinner tonight. Parker had other plans. Fixed a Alfredo chicken with carrots, green beans and peppers in the crock pot and served over angel hair pasta. Also salad and gelato for dessert. Had a very nice visit. We will get together for one last visit on Thursday night at Cracker Barrel.

21 October

John and I went to see "Downton Abbey" at the Quarry movie theatre. For those who have followed the series on PBS, the movie is a must. Maggie Smith brings humor and intrique to the movie as she did in the series. Sure there will be a follow up movie as several plots were left hanging.

23 October

Toured the Fort Sam Quadrangle today. We have been here many times over the years. The museum is a must giving the history of the Fort and military in SouthTexas from 1845 to present. Of course, I always enjoy the deer and peacocks that have been in residence over the years.The musuem has  small bags of feed for a donation.

The Quadrangle was  built in 1876-1878 as a supply depot has been in continuous use. In 1881 it housed headquarters for Department of Texas and Southern Department, the Viii Corps Area, Third, Fourth and Fifth Army. In 1917 General Pershing and in 1941 General Eisenhower had offices here. The 90ft Tower was built was originally built as a water tower. Animals appeared in the 1880's.

There is a huge Oak Tree in the Quadrangle that was planted in 1886. It is an attraction for many of the peacocks who perch on the limbs.

Geronimo and Apache were brought here from Arizona enroute to Florida in 1886 when the Army secured his final surrender.While here crowds came to view him and he began to enjoy his celebrity status selling souvenirs and handshakes. In 1886 after 40 days in the Quadrangle he and his band they left for Florida. After 2 years they were sent to Alabama to be reunited with their families. In 1894 they were transferred to Ft Sill, OK where he died and was buried in1904. We visited his grave there in Oct  2011. Geronimo's revenge was against the Mexican soldiers who killed his family in 1851.Over the next 30 years he led attacks across Mexico,New Mexico and Arizona killing some 600 Mexican men,women and children.

24 October

Cooler weather, severe thunderstorms, high winds and possible hail predicted for today. Tonight we met Eric, Cindy and Parker at Cracker Barrel for dinner..our last get together before we depart on Saturday.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel

Nana & Granddaughter

Our downfall diet wise was going several times a week to Einstein Bagels in the Health Clinic. However; I have been able to increase my walking due in part to a low altitude. Last week I got over 40,000 steps about 3 miles a day.

Have made reservations for our return 30 December 2020 for 2 weeks. This really is a nice campground..nice spaces and good price.

Before leaving made a donation to the Base Thrift of two pieces of art purchased in 80's.

R.Spiegel "Aquarelle"

Valerie Kneeland "Sailing"

25 October

And the rains and wind came bringing much cooler temperatures. It was in the 40's this morning with highs expected around 60. Getting ready to leave before our departure tomorrow to Ft Stockton for 2 nights.

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