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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Arrival Deming,NM and Tour of Pancho Villa SP and Camp Furlong

26 October 2019

We arrived Fort Stockton RV for 2 nights. This is our 4th stay at the park. The cafe serves breakfast and dinner and the food is good. Sites are pull-thru with FHU 50amp. Only comment..they need new picnic tables. Don't know why the parks don't start using those heavy duty iron coated tables..seems it would be less work and expense in the long run. Staff is friendly and this is a good choice for passing thru.

28 October 2019

When we departed our intent was to stay at Fort Bliss in El Paso, but they don't take reservations and have only managed to get a site 1 time in our 10 years of travel. So we opted for 2 nights in Deming, NM and a good choice. Booked site at Little Vineyard on Pine. Staff very helpful and nice. Sites are gravel FHU with 50 Amp. Special area for passing throughs. Close to town. Texted our friends Dick and Debbie to see if they are in residence or traveling. Fortunately they aren't leaving until Wednesday  so we made arrangements to meet for dinner tomorrow night at Chinese House.

29 October 2019

A busy day of touring today. John had some sites he wanted to visit so we got an early start heading south 40 miles to Pancho Villa SP and site of Camp Furlong in Columbus NM. There is a very nice museum in the park and campground. Several of the buildings from the Camp remain.


Camp in 1916

More Signage

Visitor Center & Museum


Signage About Bullet attack on car

Dodge Touring Car 

In badly need of supplies,Villa raided the town of Columbus and the Army Camp in 1916 thinking there were only 30-50 soldiers garrisoned when in reality there were 350. This mistake had a disastrous consequence for him. After the raid, President Wilson ordered General John Pershing to capture Villa in the Punitive Expedition. In the end Villa was assassinated 3 years late by an unknown assassin. Today he is remembered as a ruthless criminal or folk hero. The location of his remains are a mystery.

The Punitive Expedition last 11 months and 10,000 US soldiers taking them some 500 miles into Mexico in search of Villa enduring parching heat, cold, wild desert and mountain hiking. This was also the first military operation to use vehicles and airplanes. This proved to be a valuable preparation source for Pershing and his men in WWI. The military  post at Camp Furlong was closed in 1926. Several buildings still remain.

Signage to Headquarters


Custom House

Railroad Station

Pershings Reviewing Stand Signage

Reviewing Stand
At the top of Cootes Hill you get a good view of the town, campground and park.

Town of Columbus

Camp Site


Our next stop was north to visit Fort Bayard, City of Rocks and photos of the Santa Rita Copper mine. Will write separate blog on this.

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