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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Fort Supply Visit

16 September 2019

Last week I contacted the Museum requesting a tour since the Fort is not always open and Robin agreed to meet us at 11AM for a tour. Since the fort sits on the grounds of a Correctional Prison, you have to be escorted. After Fort Supply, the site became a home for a Mental Hospital and later a prison. The fort has 5 remaining buildings plus a rebuilt stockade.

Fort Supply 1894 
Photos of 5 Remaining Buildings

Archive Photos

Archive Photos

Time Line

Fort Supply was established in 1868 as "Camp Supply" for the military campaign against the Southern Plains Tribes. In 1868 Custer rode south from the Camp to the Washita River and destroyed Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle's village. In 1869 and 1870, the post was the site of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Agency. In 1874-1875 it served as the major supply area for the Red River War.  In 1879 it was renamed Fort Supply. It was at this time the post was important in transportation and communication that included SW Kansas,Texas Panhandle and NW Indian Territory. Troops built the roads, telegraph lines linking the forts, settlements and reservations. During the "Run of 1893" the lands were opened to non Indian settlement and in 1894, the fort was abandoned became the property of Dept of Interior.

Stockade Plaque




We were able to get photos of the 4 of the 5 remaining buildings.


Guard Room

Commanding Officer's Quarters

Officer's Quarters

Teamster's Cabin or Ordnance Sergeant's Quarters

Thank you Robin for giving us a great tour.

Stopped for late lunch at Braum's our first visit. Good food.

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