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Friday, September 27, 2019

Family Visit in Round Rock,TX

21 September 2019

A short drive to Georgetown..155 miles with a stop, of course at Buckee's for gas. A funny thing happened..John got out of Motorhome to check on pump, got in and asked me to guide him. As he moved up, a guy came running over and thought the RV was moving forward without a driver..he did not see John get back in. Our ha ha moment today.

We are at the Berry Springs RV park off the frontage road and Market on the east side. This is 3rd park in this area we have stayed since our travels. It is OK..seems to have fulltime residents..some pullthurs. We are in a backin. Laundry needs some attention and no amenities except for clubroom. This is better than previous parks. Weather is hot and humid.

Berry Springs RV#129

View of part of Campground

After settling in, Liz and her sweet dog Zorro stopped by for visit and we went to dinner at McAlister's. Tomorrow we will all meet at Chris and Dave's in Round Rock for dinner. 4 Grandsons will be there, also. First time since December 2017 we have seen them.

22 September 2019

It was so nice seeing the family again. Grandsons have grown and matured and going to school and working  parttime.

With Grandsons Michael,Ryan,Cameron & Jack

Family Gathering

Dave, Chris, Jack & Cameraon

Levi and Katie (Dave & Chris dogs)

John with Daughters and Zorro (Liz Dog)

Liz and Grandsons Ryan & Michael

Ordered dinner from Chuy's instead of going out. The dogs Levi and Katie have mellowed and love to be petted. Think they would make good RV dogs. Chris and Dave work for Dell.

23 September 2019

Went to breakfast with Liz at Monument's and then walked around the Georgetown Square. Can't believe all the times we have visited the area we never went into Georgetown. Southwestern University, the oldest in Texas, is here. Many old buildings around the Square that have been repurposed and remodeled, the County Seat Courthouse is very impressive. There are also many Victorian homes. Maybe be can go back before we leave on Thursday to get more pictures. We met Chris for lunch at Chick Fil-A .
Williamson County Courthouse

Downtown Georgtown

Beautiful Victorian Home

Old Masonic Building

Another View of Square

By the Sign

24 September 2019

Chris came by for a visit after work and we went to McAlister's for dinner. It was so hot today that John and I stayed in the air conditioned I-Home.

25 September 2019

Chris picked us up and we met Liz and Dave at the Oasis, our favorite treat for dining in Austin. Had I known how bad the traffic was, would have suggested a closer restaurant. Thank goodness Chris drove. When we lived in Austin back in the 80's it was a nice drive in less than 30 minutes. Can't believe how the Austin area has grown..toll roads, new highways and horrible traffic..took us 90 minutes to get from Georgetown to the restaurant. Anyway we had a nice visit and John and I each bought a T-shirt. If you ever are in the area, please stop for lunch or dinner. Stroll around the complex and view the artwork and sculptures. The restaurant overlooks Lake Travis and is tiered.


Lake Travis


Another View of Lake

Entrance to Restaurant

Liz, Dave & Chris

With Liz
One of Many Sc

Tomorrow we depart for Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, our 8th visit--only 100 miles down the IH35.

This has been a good visit and enjoyed spending time with the girls,Dave and grandsons. So blessed and proud of our family.

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