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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Drive to Fort Towson SHS

10 September 2019

Today we drove to Fort Towson SHS about 225 miles ow via IH40 east and south on Indian Nations Turnpike to Hwy 70 east.Tolls are collected along the way amounting to $7.50.

Upon arrival we visited the museum and gift shop. The museum has a very nice display including the paddlewheel (refurbished} from the Heroine Paddlewheel that sunk in the Red River 2 miles from the fort in 1838 bringing supplies. In 1840 the Red River changed course during a flood and buried the wreck under a pasture near Swink. In 1999 the wreck was uncovered after a recent  flood and excavation began. Most of the cargo had been salvaged after the wreck as well as all the crew saved.

Museum & Visitor Center


Transportation Crossroads Marker

Outline of Fort

Model of Heroine

Refurbished Paddle Wheel


Signage on Discovery

Signage on the Sinking

Fort Towson was established in 1824 as a frontier outpost. In 1829 it was abandoned and burned and reestablished in 1831 with the relocation of the Choctaw tribe. The fort was decomissioned in 1854 and served as a Confederate command post during the Civil War. North of the fort is Doaksville where General Stand Watie, the last Confederate General surrendered June 23 1865. We did not have time to visit this site which consists of Archaeological  remains.

Dorothy Jane Orton was the first Oklahoma woman to enlist in the WAC achieving the rank of Captain and serving 12 years.She was the prime mover in the restoration and preservation of Fort Towson..

Monument to Dorothy Orton

Located on the site is the reconstructed Sutler's store, cannon, signage and remains of the barracks and other buildings.

Sutler Signage

Reconstructed Sutler Store

Site of Fort Towson with Remains

Barracks Remains

1857 Cannon

On the route home we decided to take Hwy 70 west to IH 35, stopping in Ardmore for a quick dinner at Freddy's. Got back around 700PM. Weather is still hot and humid in high 90's. Looking forward  to cooler weather.

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