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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Last Days at AF Academy

09 -18 August 2019

Last days at AF Academy spent getting together with friends, doing errands, drive up to USAFA Farish Rec area and planning our continuing journey through April 2021. Yes, I know for many of you this is difficult to understand the planning ahead, but it has worked for us for the past 10 years. Besides it projects a certain amount of optimism and events for which to look forward. Will do another blog once we have finalized  where we are traveling.

09 August

We drove up to Castle Rock to visit with friends Bill and Lorraine whom we met at Nellis in 2014 and part of our Nellis group.

Bill was the Academy Band Director for some 15 years before retiring. They suggested we would like the Castle Cafe and a good choice it was, so much so we want to return while here. Delicious home cooking with a varied menu. John had the fried catfish with homemade chicken noodle soup slaw and sweet potato fries. I had the baked salmon with spinach and tomatoes. Bill enjoyed the Friday special of fried cod and Lorraine got her ususal fried chicken steak with vegetables. We were so full had to pass on dessert. Next time..

13-14 August

Friends Max and Caron drove up for 2 nights at campground from Pueblo. They are also part of our Nellis Group. Due to the campground being full they could only get the 2 nights, but happy they at least got the 2 nights. On the 14th we were invited along with Bill and Lorraine for dinner at their site. Caron fixed very yummy enchiladas and spanish rice.Lorraine brought dessert and I a fruit salad. It was so good and we had a lot of laughs and good conversation. Will see both couples at Nellis in December. After eating and enjoying the enchiladas was told that the meat was elk from one of Max's hunting trips. My first experience.

Lorraine,Caron,Max, John & Bill

After dinner John and drove around the campus looking for wildlife, but only saw a lonely deer at the back of the cemetery.Have yet in our 4 visits seen a bear. Maybe it is too hot.

When Max and Caron got home they sent photos of deer in their backyard eating on the crabapple tree.

15 August

Finally got our car back after a week for some minor repairs involving a small mishap in the commissary parking lot. That is all I am going to say on the matter.

16 August

Today we drove up to the Farish area as I had always been curious. The drive takes you west on Hwy 24 through the town of Woodland Park, passing through Manitou Springs and cutoff to Pike's Peak both of which we have visited on previous trips. It is a very nice Recreational area with 3 lakes, cabins, tent sites and maybe a few small RV sites..definitely not for big RV's and 5th wheels. Once again no wildlife spottings except for a chipmunk sunning on a rock.

On the way back we stopped at Costco and Whole Foods. Saw two deer in someone's yard. Sure hope they don't get in traffic.

17 August


In the afternoon we drove up once again to have  dinner with  Bill and Lorraine at Castle Cafe. John and Bill had the Buffalo meatloaf, I the catfish and  Lorraine the usual. Took some peach cobbler home for dessert. See you in  December..Safe travels.

18 August

Today is get ready to go day..laundry, chores etc. Tomorrow we head to Trinidad SP for a week. We have enjoyed our stay here and hope to return in the future.

Had to post this flyer that I saw on the RV newsletter. Very Clever.

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