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Monday, July 22, 2019

Historic Trails Interpretive Center-Casper,WY

18 July 2019

The National Trails Interpretive Center is a must see stop in Casper. It features many exhibits and historical information important to Wyoming and about the 4 trails that crossed through Casper capturing the real life drama that over 500,000 settlers experienced on the Oregon,California, Mormon and Pony Express trails from 1841 to 1868.

The history of each of the trails is too extensive and complicated to express in words so suggest you search for each of them via the National Park Service.

4 Trails Through Casper

Map of Oregon Trail

Pony Express Trail

California Tail

Mormon Trail
Below are photos of Exhibits.

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Mormon Hand Cart

Hands on Exhibit

Pony Express Riders Qualifications

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