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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Tour of El Pueblo Trading Post

27 July 2019

Our intent today was to drive up to the AF Academy Recreation area known as Farish in the mountains above the Academy at 10,000, but at the last minute decided to drive into Pueblo to visit the El Pueblo History Museum and Trading Post. Upon arrival we had the feeling that we had been here previously and  after checking John's website realized we visited in October of 2011;however, the museum and recreated trading post was closed.

History Museum

We got a very informative tour today of the Pueblo Trading Post established in 1842 by James Beckwourth and other trappers.It was destroyed in1854 and rebuilt in 2003. Digs of the original site are ongoing in an adjacent building not open for visitors. The Post was located in Pueblo,CO near the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek. The post population decreased from 150 in 1847 to 24 in 1854 at which time on 25 December 1854 it was attacked by a band of hostile UTE Indians killing all but one of the men and capturing the one woman and her two children. The Arkansas River once carved the border between Mexico and the USA.

Beckwourth  Plaque

The reconstructed replica represents typical  features of the trading post. The tour guide gave us detailed examples of the living conditions and activities of the post which featured kitchen, family living quarters, visitor quarters, gathering area and trading post.


Family Quarters

Gathering Room

Visitor Quarters

One interesting item pointed out in the trading post featured below had us perplexed..even sniffing it we could not identify. You may note the Chinese writing and when you turn it over see several squares. A hint: Boston Tea Party. Did you guess?
Will give answer at the bottom of page.

One of the interesting exhibits in the Museum was about the Ludlow Massacre in 1914 that involved the Colorado Coalfield Strike thru the eyes of 9,000 children who endured the strike. Children as young as 3 mos and adults as old as 45 were killed on 20 April 1914. The conflict involved the striking miners, Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel and Iron Company guards who attacked a colony of 1200 striking miners and their families. The National Guard used machine guns to fire into the settlement. The chief owner of the mine was John D Rockefeller,JR who it is said orchestrated the conflict. The site is 18 miles north of Trinidad. As a result of the Massacre, Congress investigated the events and in 1915 published the report that was influential in promoting child labor laws and an 8 hr workday.

Reason for Strike

List of Those Killed

Some of the Families

Destroyed Tents

Answer to Tablets:
Known as Tea Brick made of powdered black tea or Hubei. They were also used as currency in China.The squares contained the tea and scaping would produce the tea leaves. These bricks we were told is what was dumped in the Harbor and due to weight elevated the water level. If interested, do a search on tea bricks.

On the way back we started up to to the Farish site located in the Pike National Forest; however, when we got to Manitou Springs a terrific downpour and thunderstorm broke loose and we decided not a good idea. Will save for a better day.

So we stopped at Rudy's for dinner. The line at 330PM was serpentine and it took an hour to place our order. They are out of Texas and have the best barbecue ribs,brisket,pork etc. Very casual and no plates involved, just butcher block paper. If you not experienced, try it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Rocky Mountain NP Drive

23 July 2019

When we departed mid morning our intent was to drive only to Parker and Longmont so John could document 2 FAA radar sites for his website;however, when we got to Longmont realized that we were only 30 miles from the East Entrance in Estes Park to Rocky Mountain NP..so decided to tour the park even though it was around 2PM and the weather iffy with clouds and intermittent  rain.

Taking Hwy 36 and meeting up with Hwy 34 we drove thru the park west and then south on 34 to Grandy. Several stops along the way for photos. Only areas we missed due to lateness of day Aspenglen and Bear Lake drives. The park is abundant with wildlife, but unfortunately we only saw some chipmunks. The Park was designated by Congress in 1915. Native Americans preceded all others 10,000 years prior.Each summer more than 1 million tourists travel in the park.

Below are photos from the drive. Highest altitude on the drive is 12,183 ft. We only took short hikes to the viewing areas due to altitude.

Map of Park & Drive


Alpine Visitor Center

Monday, July 22, 2019

Fremont Canyon and Beyond

19 July 2019

When we left today for Fremont Canyon our intent was to visit the Alcova Lake and Pathfinder Reservoir and Dam, but John decided he wanted to drive to Sinclair and revisit Ft Fred Steele we visited in 2010.

Alcova Lake

Pathfinder Dam

Pathfinder Reservoir

Pathfinder Dam

After our stops at the Lake and Reservoir we decided to take the back road from Alcova to Sinclair (60 miles). Well need I tell you how many backroads we have been on that give me apprehension..dirt, gravel,winding and no one around for miles and miles. The first 30  plus miles until you arrive at Seminoe SP rough. Last 30 miles better and paved. Stopped 5 miles from IH 80 for picnic when John noticed tire pressure alert indicated left rear tire was losing air. Fortunately, we were only 10 miles from Rawlins the closest tire place. Sure enough we had picked up a sharp rock that had punctured the tire and thankfully they were able to repair by putting a plug in it.

Road from Alcova to Sinclair

Watchful Pronghorn

Seminoe Dam

Seminoe Reservoir

Seminoe SP

Fremont Canyon is popular with anglers, granite climbers,kayaking,mountain biking and hiking. Wish we could have taken the boat ride through the canyon from Alcova to Pathfinder. This trip affords you views of the reds of the canyon walls taking you through 2 billion years of geological history. The Goose Egg Formation in the mouth indicates that it was once a desert.
Maybe next time if we come this way.

Bridge Across Canyon

Fremont Canyon

Another View

Fremont Canyon

On the way back we stopped at Fort Fred Steele in Sinclair (1868-1886) built to protect the Union Pacific Railroad. Very few of original structures remain.

Fort Layout Signage

All that Remains


Tomorrow we leave early for USAFA in Colorado Springs..350 miles via IH25. This will be 4th visit and we are staying a month. In 2015 we met friends from Tucson, Marta and Bill here and have kept in touch. Also on 13th and 14th friends we met several years ago at Nellis who live in Pueblo, Max and Caron are coming for 2 nights. We also have friends from Nellis who live in Castle Rock ,Bill and Lorraine,that we are trying to contact for visit from them.

20 July 2019

Arrived via horrible traffic from Denver to Academy and thunderstorms around 330PM.

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