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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Hate to Say Goodby to Cliffside RV Park

30 June 2019

Tomorrow we depart for Ellensburg,WA for 1 night and then on to Fairchild AFB for 3 nights before arriving Missoula for a week.

Sure do hate to say goodby to Cliffside at NAS Whidbey Island as it is our favorite park. Thank you Ken and staff for making this a number 1 park..see you next year.

Took a final walk through the woods, got some more eagle pictures..can never get enough.

Large Eaglet



Our neighbor,Catherine, collected driftwood on the beach and made a very unique and artistic Horse's head. She is very talented. Had nice visits with her and husband Jim. Since they are planning at some point to travel to Newfoundland, gave them all my notes and maps and atlas we didn't use as we are attached to the one friends Don and Carolyn gave us. Besides it has all our routes and places of interest highlighted. Thank you friends for the bottle of wine and for introducing us to Pellagrino zero calorie mineral water. Maybe now John will give up Dasani Zero Cherry and Zero Cherry Coke. The Pellagrino does not have artificial sugar and is healthier.

Had to say and get hug from Koa, Catherine and Jim's sweet dog. Will miss him.

Hug From Koa

One day we drove back to Mt Erie in Anacortes for a view of Campbell Lake and pause at memorial for Jonathan Glass who fell from the rocks in 1992 at age of 13. Brought tears to my eyes. While we up at the viewpoint, a man and his golden retriever were sitting on the rocks and of course I had to pet Dawson. Seems they hike up often,not an easy hike.

It is here at Cliffside RV Park that I get many steps and one day even did over 5 miles.

John celebrated his 82nd birthday on the 24th and had a molar that was infected pulled two days later. He found a very good dentist in Anacortes that took our insurance and was able to give him 2 appointments on an emergency need.

Well, it is time to get the iHome ready for travel..dread going thru Seattle again. Oh yes, all the rocks I placed in the forest are now gone..either relocated or kept. That is the way it goes.

Another beautiful sunset.

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