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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Looking For WWII Radar Sites

06 May 2019

Today was another one of those may not find days over winding,rutted roads looking for the site of 2 WWII Radar sites now property of the FAA. Of course the GPS led us astray on the first site atop of Rainbow Ridge.

Our first stop on the Avenue of the Giants was Founder's Grove and a 1/2 mile loop among the Redwoods. Below are some photos.

We then drove down to Myers Flat and the Drive Thru Shrine Tree. Due to recent rain you had to back out and John was really close to the tree. Anyway instead of paying the regular $10 fee we got a $2 deduction. This is not to be confused with the Chandelier Tree in Liggett which we had done in years past. The tree is privately owned. The opening was created by a fire centuries ago and measures 21ft across and 64ft round.

Shrine Tree

We then proceeded on our drive to the first Radar site on the Matole  Road thru the towns of Honeydew and Petrolia stopping in the Rockefeller Forest for a picnic.

Could not find road up to site so we continued on to the second site near the town of Ferndale. Due to road conditions etc it took us 2 hours to reach the 2nd site high on a hill and surrounded by a cow pasture.

Never a dull moment on these adventures with John. The cows did not like our interruption. but stayed their distance. While up there, John spotted the first sight in the distance and took some photos for his site.

Since it was getting late, we stopped in Fortuna for dinner at a local pub and some groceries at Safeway.

Tomorrow we are going to drive to Shelter Cove 50 miles away. The weather on the coast has been foggy since we arrived, but sunny in the campground.

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