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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Yuma Territorial Prison SHP

01 April 2019

We then took a tour of the Yuma Territorial Prison SHP located on the Colorado River and West Wetlands Park.


View From Fort Yuma

Guardhouse Now Observation Tower

Sally Port

Cell Block

Grafitti left by Prisoners


Father of Prison


Hell Hole Signage

Model of Prison

Typical Cell

Prison Signa

The first 7 prisoners entered on 1 July 1876 and locked in cells they had built. During the prison's 33 year history, a total 3,069 including 29 women lived in its walls. In 1910 the Yuma HS occupied the buildings and 1961 the prison was open to the public. Due to overcrowding, the prison was moved to a new facility in Florence,AZ.

There were a variety of law violators including legendary stagecoach robber, Pearl Hart. One of the women prisioners gave birth and was allowed to keep her baby. She was later released 2 years later. Lizzie Gallagher was first female to enter the prison in 1878. The women's cells were built in 1891.

In the visitor center is a gift shop, artifact display and theatre. Located on the grounds is the prison cemetery.

Our next stop was the Quartermaster Depot and will do a separate blog on this.

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