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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Yuma Quartermaster Depot

01 April 2019

Our last stop in Yuma was to visit the site of the Quartermaster Depot located in the Colorado River SHP on 4th Avenue.


Visitor Center

Beginning in 1864 the Yuma Quartermaster Depot provided the lifeline for all the military posts in the Southwest. The warehouses held a 6 month supply of food, clothing,ammunition and goods for forts in Arizona, Utah,Nevada, Texas and New Mexico brought in by steamboats and then shipped in wagons pulled by 20 mule teams.

The Depot was closed in 1883 with the coming of the railroad and repurposed as a telegraph, weather station and customs office. It also became the first home of the Bureau of Reclamation and the Yuma County Water Users Asso. There is an exhibit on the Yuma Siphon, a massive tunnel under the Colorado River that first delivered irrigation to the Yuma Valley in 1912. It still operates today. We missed this..a return visit for next time.

The Depot walking tour includes five original buildings consisting of the Corral House,Storehouse,Quartermaster's Office,Reservoir and Commanding Officer's Quarters.

Commander's House



Master Bedroom

Dining Room




Quartermaster's Office

Model of Depot

Be sure and stop at the Back in Time Shoppe for a slice of homemade  pie and ice cream. John got apple and I Pecan. So Yummy.

It was a long, but interesting day.

Decided to drive to the Yuma Proving Ground on way home to check out the RV park. Decided we prefer El Centro.

Tomorrow is catch up day on John's website and my blog.

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