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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lunches with Family and Friends

16 March 2019

The next few days we are meeting family and friends for lunches at different restaurants. Seems we are eating our way around Tucson, but glad for the gatherings.

On the 16th we met Darin, Eric,Cindy, Parker and my ex Dan and his wife Loretta for lunch at Barrio's Brewery near downtown. A good family gathering and conversation. Tonight we are going to Darin and Kerry's for steak barbeque. This will be last time we see Eric, Cindy and Parker until September. Since their flight back to San Antonio was cancelled, they will have a 12 hour drive tomorrow.

On the 17th we met our good campground friends Phil and Denise who are here for an Escapees Rally at the Fairgrounds at BJ's Brewery very close to DM campground for lunch. We first met them in 2016 while camped at Nellis AFB and several times since. They are also fulltimer's . Glad we could get together again and the lunch and visit very good. We will see them again when we go the the Escapee's open house on Wednesday.

On the 18th we met our good friends Marta and Bill whom we met at the AF Academy in June of 2015. They now live in Tucson and no longer RV'ing. We also met them again in 2016 and 2017 while camped at Davis Monthan AFB. Marta's mother is now living with them. We met at Little Anthony's for lunch. This is a 50's style diner and our 2nd visit here with them.
Darin is teaching at the same Middle School in which Marta once taught. It was nice meeting your mother and she looks fantastic for a 91 year old. Of course, you and Bill look great as well. Hopefully we visit again before we depart on the 28th.

It is always wonderful to visit with friends we have met in our journey. So glad we have kept in touch.

Also enjoy our family visits and not as often as we should. We try to visit at least once a year and sometimes more, but 5 children and grandchildren scattered in 4 directions makes it difficult.

Our weather has turned hot in the 80's. Personally I would like temps in the high 60's or 70's with no wind, just a slight breeze.

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