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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Family Gathering in Tucson

11 March 2019

After a month of healing from Bronchitis, we are starting to feel better and facing the slow process of getting our energy improved.

The coming week brings a family get together of Kerry's and our family at son Darin and Kerry's home on the 15th. Son Eric, daughter-in-law Cindy and granddaughter Parker are flying in from San Antonio. Unfortunately, granddaughter Kendyl is unable to come as she is in school at Oklahoma State.

 Earlier in the week we visited with Darin and the puppies and one day he came to the base for a visit. Went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

On Friday before the get together Eric and family came to the base and we gave them a drive tour after lunch provided by Freedom RV at the campground. Parker wanted a photo by the huge Saguaro Cactus.

For the get together I made two cheese balls and cookies. Pizza was brought in and a very nice visit with friends and family.

Thank you Darin and Kerry for a very warm and nice gathering. You two sure know how to entertain. By the way you have done a great job on the remodel. Home is so inviting and pleasant.

Due to the grounding of the 737's, flight back to San Antonio on Southwest was cancelled and no other options available for getting a flight. Feel that Southwest knew when they checked in on Thursday that the flight was cancelled and they should have protected them on anther flight. Their only option now is to rent a car and drive back which he feels he can do in 12 hours..825 miles. What a disaster. Only positive is that they were able to come and we had a nice visit. Won't see them again until September. Safe travel my loves.

Tomorrow we will meet for lunch.

Earlier in week Kevin and Joy sent photo of Blue Angels from Yuma. Thanks awesome photo.

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