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Friday, March 8, 2019

Arrival Davis Monthan AFB Famcamp

01 March-08 March 2019

Left early this morning for drive to Wickenburg AZ around 200 miles and our stay at Desert Empress RV and meeting up with friends Alinda and Ernie from Oregon. Our intent was to stay 2 nights, but on the way started feeling bad and coughing again so we decided to only stay 1 night. We had hoped for a pull-thru since we did not want to unhook tow, but they were full. This is our 2nd stay here and in my opinion the only decent campground in area and within walking distance to town. They  only take cash $45/nt and have no picnic tables. After settling in, we went to dinner with Ernie and Alinda across the street at Cowboy Cookin.  Had I felt better would have enjoyed more. Took some leftovers home. We will see you again in May when we return to Oregon.

Passing Lake Mead

Passing Lake Mead

02 March

We arrived at Davis Monthan AFB Famcamp, Agave Gulch, around noon. This is our 5th visit since 2009 and first time we have had to go into drycamp for more than 2 nights. We are 19 on the list and paid the $11/nt for a week. We met up with friends Connie and Ken whom we met at Wright Patterson AFB in 2010 and again here in 2015. Since we are not feeling well, only chatted from a distance. After settling in we went to an Urgent Care nearby. Got two prescriptions..one antibiotic and the other for cough. Think the bronchitis is lingering. You think you are getting better and then it starts over again. Not really feel much like eating and energy is zapped. Not a good way to lose weight. John is down to 210 and I have lost 10lbs. Called son Darin and told him not a good idea to visit now as he is getting ready to take some school kids to Catalina and did not want him to be infected. Will see him when he returns from trip.

03-06 March

John rigged up a temporary connection for residential refrigerator to invertor and the generator and invertor are getting a good workout. Don't know how much you miss something until you no longer have. This drycamping is not for us. Looking forward to being in FHU with 50amp. The days have been warm with temps in high 70's and 80's. Nights are cool not too much wind.In checking our name on list we have moved up to #5 and were told to be over at 11AM and we might get a spot tomorrow.

07 March

Yeah, we fortunately got #17 today and immediately moved. We like this area and in 2015 we were in #20 on the end.


Now that we are settled, I went over to Commissary to restock refrigerator. Since you can only book 21 days, we are scheduled out on 28th at which time we move to drycamp again or if the park is not full we can stay  until our scheduled departure to El Centro Naval Air Station on the 2nd. If we have to move, will call El Centro and see if we can come in early.

08 March

Today LaMesa RV is hosting a luncheon for the Campground. They also bring in some RV's for viewing. We have attended in the past and it is a very nice gathering.

Walked around campground and took some photos of the cactus and planes.

Barrel Cactus

Prickly  Pear





Cane Cholla

Kilvin Cholla

Another Beautiful Sunset

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