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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Anniversary Dinner on Riverwalk at Paesano's

10 October 2019

For our Anniversary we decided to have dinner at Paesano's on the Riverwalk. We used to dine at the original location on McCullough that is now closed. They have 3 locations in San Antonio and noted for their Eggplant, Shrimp Paesano and fine wines. The food is excellent and the service very attentive. Well worth the cost. The first restaurant opened in 1965.

Walk Along the River

John had the eggplant and caesar salad and I several Bloody Mary's and Crab Stuffed Salmon and for appetizer Paesano Shrimp in a very delicious cream sauce.

Crab Stuffed Salmon


We always enjoy walking along the river and walked over to the Courthouse so John could get photo for his website. Noticed no homeless areas and felt safe on our downtown walk. The Riverwalk has many restaurants for all types of palates. We parked in the Rivermall lot across from the Convention Center..easy access to the Riverwalk.

Tour Boat on River

One of Many Restaurants

St Joseph's Church

Bexar County Courthouse

Tomorrow cooler weather and rain in the forecast with gale force winds. A welcome relief from the heat.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fort McIntosh and Cricket Infestation

09 October 2019

Today we drove the 150 miles to Laredo in order to visit Fort McIntosh located on the campus of Laredo Community College.

Many of the original buildings have been repurposed and restored including the officer's quarters, NCO barracks, enlisted barracks, mess hall, Commander's Home which is now the College President's Home, Commissary, Exchange, Bakery, Hospital and Exchange.




Company Sergeants Quarters

Commander's Home Now College President Home


Mess Hall

NCO Housing

Officer Housing

Officer Duplex






Officer Duplex

Fort McIntosh existed for almost 100 years and served as a fort on the Rio Grande to police the area after the Mexican War, to defend settlers from the Apache and Comanche hostility,taken over by the Confederates during the Civil War, reoccupied in 1865 by Federalists troops, in the late 19th century several African American troops  were stationed here and during WWI and WWII the fort served as a training base until it was deactivated in 1946.

Yesterday we went to Best Buy to purchase a new Whitings BP and couldn't believe the infestation Crickets in the shopping area and in the store. Seems San Antonio  and Austin experience this every year. I can relate to the infestation in Austin when I managed a travel agency with an outside entrance in the Mall. They were on the ceiling, walls and floor. Had never seen this before. A tedious project getting them out with the help of vacuum sweeper. They are drawn to lighted areas. Each night would duct tape the doors when leaving and this seem to help.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Visit with Sandy and Family Over for Dinner

04-05 October 2019

When ever we come to San Antonio we always make it a point to visit with Sandy who lives in Ingram. It has been two years since Charlie passed away..they were married for 60years. Charlie was John's boss at Randolph and he and Sandy hosted an annual barbeque at their ranch for old friends in the military. Sandy who is John's age (82) looks fabulous. She took us to lunch at Trio in Ingram... very good soup and sandwiches. See you again in December 2020. Thanks again for lunch and a wonderful visit.

05 October 2019


With Colt 05 Oct 2003

Handsome Grandson 2019

Later in the day Eric and family along with Cindy's Dad came for dinner. I fixed stuffed salmon, spiral squash, asparagus, salad and for dessert Gelato and chocolate  chip cookies. John tried to give Oscar to Parker, but she felt he belonged with us. It was a nice visit. Cindy's Dad, Jim lives in Round Rock.

John, Jim,Parker, Eric & Cindy

Parker and Oscar

We were going to eat outside, but the weather is still hot and humid and the afternoon sun shines on right side. Oh yes, Parker does not eat salmon so I fixed her spaghetti.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Visit with Son, Eric and Friends, Rocky & Loretta

28 September-01 October 2019

Today we met Eric at the Pass and Visitor Gate on Winfield Scott at the Walters Gate to get him a month access pass. We then came back for dinner here and visit. It was so good seeing him again as it has been 2 years since we were last here. Cindy and Parker were on a weekend Church Retreat..sorry to have missed them, but will have several visits during our month here.

29 September 2019

We met Eric at San Pedro Presbyterian Church where they have been members since 2000 and he is an Elder for services. The family is very active in the church doing mission, volunteer work and many other activities. As we were waiting for him, many of the members greeted us and asked if they could be of help and of course they all knew the family. After seated in the pew, the pastor and other church members greeted us. Pastor Calvin has been there 30 years and is a retired Colonel in the Reserves. He invites the children up before the sermon for a chit chat. Today it was about whether or not they wanted to look into the future. His sermon to which I gave full attention and interest was about shedding all the negative aspects of our life. He is most personable and interesting.

After Church we went to Chuy's for lunch and back to Eric's to wait arrival of Cindy and Parker for  a brief visit. Their schedules are busy so we will probably only see them on weekends.

With Eric at Chuy's

When we returned to campground, had our last visit with Gloria & Jim before their departure tomorrow. Got so involved in conversation before we realized it was 7PM so we opted to go to IN N OUT for a quick dinner.

01 October 2019

When getting in the car noticed it had a Flat on the rear driver's side. John tried to inflate it, but to no avail. He found a metal pin object that had penetrated the tire with 2 holes.
Not drivable, so since we were awaiting the arrival of our good friends from Helena to arrive for lunch, we put the tire situation on hold. Will finish story later.

Cause of Trouble

We last saw Rocky and Loretta on our trip last summer thru Montana while in Missoula. They had driven down to San Antonio to visit with daughter and her family via car not motorhome.
We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and Rocky drove. We always enjoy our visits with them as they have so many interesting stories to relate. Thank you for the bottle of Merlot and the canned chicken which will be good when the weather cools and I make soup. After the car ordeal, had two glasses of the Merlot. Also thank you for your friendship. Keep in touch and safe driving..til we meet again.

With Loretta & Rocky

To finish the story, John called USAA for a tow truck to take the car over to the Base Firestone Auto
Repair one issue being base access since we could not escort the tow truck..gates too far from campground. USAA came through and found a company that has access and they were here within the hour. Long and short of it, ended up getting 4 new tires..Bridgestone. Seems if one tire goes bad on these new cars,you have to replace all of them. Fortunately, they did the replacement and John was back by 7PM.

Tomorrow is errand day at Exchange and Commissary. We may look into a company that does Vinyl Wrap on the areas that are clear coat peeling. A less expensive cost than a repaint. Our neighbor suggested this.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Arrival San Antonio and Meeting with Friends Gloria & Jim

26-27 September 2019

Our drive from Georgetown to San Antonio via IH35 which is normally 90 minutes took 2 1/2 hours with a brief stop at Buc-ees for  breakfast burrito and coffee.

Buc-ees New Braunfels

This is our 8th time to camp at Ft Sam Houston and only $440 for the month with full hookups and concrete pads. The campground overlooks BAMC Medical complex.

Site 74


Evening Sunset

 As I was walking to laundry, was surprised to run into Jim and Gloria who are only here a few days. We first met them at McChord AFB in 2015. Along the way we have met at Travis AFB in 2015, again at McChord in 2016, Shields Navy in Gulfport in 2016, Whidbey Island Cliffside NAS in 2016 and Nellis AFB in 2017. They winter in Florida near family in Bradenton. Hopefully, we can meet up again when we go Florida in 2020.

John, Jim and Gloria

The Four of Us

We always enjoy our visits with them. Thank you for being such good and interesting friends.

27 September 2019

Tonight we all went to dinner at Cracker Barrel which is only 5 minutes away on the IH 35 frontage road. Came back and visited comparing tasks done to our motorhomes and problems along the way. Jim recommended a very good place in Centralia WA to have service done and you can camp there..Brazel RV. Also a place in Florida to have the fogged windows serviced called Suncoast Design in Hudson, FL. We plan to stop at both places this next trip.

Safe travels dear friends..until we meet again..keep in touch.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Family Visit in Round Rock,TX

21 September 2019

A short drive to Georgetown..155 miles with a stop, of course at Buckee's for gas. A funny thing happened..John got out of Motorhome to check on pump, got in and asked me to guide him. As he moved up, a guy came running over and thought the RV was moving forward without a driver..he did not see John get back in. Our ha ha moment today.

We are at the Berry Springs RV park off the frontage road and Market on the east side. This is 3rd park in this area we have stayed since our travels. It is OK..seems to have fulltime residents..some pullthurs. We are in a backin. Laundry needs some attention and no amenities except for clubroom. This is better than previous parks. Weather is hot and humid.

Berry Springs RV#129

View of part of Campground

After settling in, Liz and her sweet dog Zorro stopped by for visit and we went to dinner at McAlister's. Tomorrow we will all meet at Chris and Dave's in Round Rock for dinner. 4 Grandsons will be there, also. First time since December 2017 we have seen them.

22 September 2019

It was so nice seeing the family again. Grandsons have grown and matured and going to school and working  parttime.

With Grandsons Michael,Ryan,Cameron & Jack

Family Gathering

Dave, Chris, Jack & Cameraon

Levi and Katie (Dave & Chris dogs)

John with Daughters and Zorro (Liz Dog)

Liz and Grandsons Ryan & Michael

Ordered dinner from Chuy's instead of going out. The dogs Levi and Katie have mellowed and love to be petted. Think they would make good RV dogs. Chris and Dave work for Dell.

23 September 2019

Went to breakfast with Liz at Monument's and then walked around the Georgetown Square. Can't believe all the times we have visited the area we never went into Georgetown. Southwestern University, the oldest in Texas, is here. Many old buildings around the Square that have been repurposed and remodeled, the County Seat Courthouse is very impressive. There are also many Victorian homes. Maybe be can go back before we leave on Thursday to get more pictures. We met Chris for lunch at Chick Fil-A .
Williamson County Courthouse

Downtown Georgtown

Beautiful Victorian Home

Old Masonic Building

Another View of Square

By the Sign

24 September 2019

Chris came by for a visit after work and we went to McAlister's for dinner. It was so hot today that John and I stayed in the air conditioned I-Home.

25 September 2019

Chris picked us up and we met Liz and Dave at the Oasis, our favorite treat for dining in Austin. Had I known how bad the traffic was, would have suggested a closer restaurant. Thank goodness Chris drove. When we lived in Austin back in the 80's it was a nice drive in less than 30 minutes. Can't believe how the Austin area has grown..toll roads, new highways and horrible traffic..took us 90 minutes to get from Georgetown to the restaurant. Anyway we had a nice visit and John and I each bought a T-shirt. If you ever are in the area, please stop for lunch or dinner. Stroll around the complex and view the artwork and sculptures. The restaurant overlooks Lake Travis and is tiered.


Lake Travis


Another View of Lake

Entrance to Restaurant

Liz, Dave & Chris

With Liz
One of Many Sc

Tomorrow we depart for Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, our 8th visit--only 100 miles down the IH35.

This has been a good visit and enjoyed spending time with the girls,Dave and grandsons. So blessed and proud of our family.