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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Monday, November 26, 2018

1st Month at Nellis AFB Famcamp

26 November 2018

It has been almost a month since our arrival at Nellis AFB Desert Eagle FAMCAMP. It is good to be back among our regular group of friends for the next 3 months.

Have had some beautiful sunsets.

Since arriving we have gotten our checkups at the clinic and all is well except I need to lose weight and John needs to follow his Type 2 Diabetes diet better and check his glucose more often, Have reduced our carb and sugar intake..no more candy, ice cream and snack foods..half sandwich for lunch, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit,salads,more fish. Spend more time reading labels than actual shopping. We have made not 1 visit to Krispy Cream which shows real will power.

Went one night with Joy and Kevin to Memphis Barbecue..not really on our diet, but we did bring home lunch. They have a darling dog and when they are hosting at campground, I walk Shylo. She is such a pleasure to walk.

Another night I went with Denise, Phil,Kevin and Joy to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. John was down with a throat infection so he opted to stay home.

We spent Thanksgiving with our good friends , Chuck and Rose Mary,who live here and whom we knew in Salem. They invited us to Mimi's Cafe for Thanksgiving dinner and were joined by their son Carl. The dinner was very good and we were able to bring lunch for tomorrow. Carl treated us and we are very thankful for your generosity. You are truly a good person.

On one of my walks, spotted what I call an Alien Rock. What do you think? I realize I have a vivid imagination.

Kevin helped John put up the Hummingbird feeder. The ground is so hard here. Thank you Kevin. Seems the Finches like it and chase the Hummingbirds away sometimes. Guess they have to eat as well.

25 November 2018

Pat and Darwin arrived today and our group went to Pieology for dinner. Great pizza place where you select your type of crust,condiments etc all for one price of less than $9. Once again leftovers for lunch.

More of our group, Bill and Lorraine, will arrive later this week and another couple,Max and Caron, after Christmas.

Tomorrow will get out Christmas decorations and make a trip to Dollar Tree for more.

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