Our blog is to keep family and friends informed of our motorhome journeys.
We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Monday, November 26, 2018

1st Month at Nellis AFB Famcamp

26 November 2018

It has been almost a month since our arrival at Nellis AFB Desert Eagle FAMCAMP. It is good to be back among our regular group of friends for the next 3 months.

Have had some beautiful sunsets.

Since arriving we have gotten our checkups at the clinic and all is well except I need to lose weight and John needs to follow his Type 2 Diabetes diet better and check his glucose more often, Have reduced our carb and sugar intake..no more candy, ice cream and snack foods..half sandwich for lunch, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit,salads,more fish. Spend more time reading labels than actual shopping. We have made not 1 visit to Krispy Cream which shows real will power.

Went one night with Joy and Kevin to Memphis Barbecue..not really on our diet, but we did bring home lunch. They have a darling dog and when they are hosting at campground, I walk Shylo. She is such a pleasure to walk.

Another night I went with Denise, Phil,Kevin and Joy to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. John was down with a throat infection so he opted to stay home.

We spent Thanksgiving with our good friends , Chuck and Rose Mary,who live here and whom we knew in Salem. They invited us to Mimi's Cafe for Thanksgiving dinner and were joined by their son Carl. The dinner was very good and we were able to bring lunch for tomorrow. Carl treated us and we are very thankful for your generosity. You are truly a good person.

On one of my walks, spotted what I call an Alien Rock. What do you think? I realize I have a vivid imagination.

Kevin helped John put up the Hummingbird feeder. The ground is so hard here. Thank you Kevin. Seems the Finches like it and chase the Hummingbirds away sometimes. Guess they have to eat as well.

25 November 2018

Pat and Darwin arrived today and our group went to Pieology for dinner. Great pizza place where you select your type of crust,condiments etc all for one price of less than $9. Once again leftovers for lunch.

More of our group, Bill and Lorraine, will arrive later this week and another couple,Max and Caron, after Christmas.

Tomorrow will get out Christmas decorations and make a trip to Dollar Tree for more.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Back at Nellis AFB Desert Eagle Famcamp

01 November 2018

Our drive today was a short 110 miles via IH 15 to Nellis AFB and Desert Eagle Famcamp, our home until 1 March.

This is our 6th visit since 2013 and once again we are in our favorite circle #1 Site 22. Since our last visit over 100 spaces have been added in a new section. We prefer this section as spaces are not as close plus this is where our friends gather.

Desert Eagle #22

Beautiful Sunset

Early Evening

We were warmly greeted by friends Joy and Kevin and their precious dog Shylo and also Denise and Phil. Joy, Kevin and Denise are volunteers. Also Ron and Jean are here.It is good to be back among friends. Looking forward to our many get togethers.

We will also get together with our friends Chuck and Rose Mary who live here as well as Judy and Dusty who bought a home here and no longer RV.

More our group will be arriving after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The most scenic part of drive was St George to Mesquite through the canyons. Took some photos.

When John moved my photos from iPhoto to Photos..some 20,000..titles did come over so I am going to spend most of my time labeling the pictures. Fortunately I have DVD's for most and that will help.We also need to plan our trip for 2019.

My blogs will be few and far between while here.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Zion Shuttle and Coral Pink Sand Dunes

31 October 2018

Our last day in St George so we returned to Zion NP in order to take the shuttle ride from the Visitor Center with stops along the way at various hiking trails. Can understand why vehicles are not allowed on this drive as the congestion and fuel emissions would be overwhelming and harmful to the environment. The shuttle waits at each stop are less than 15 minutes and for the hikers, affords the opportunity to hike from stop to stop or just return to drop off point. Plus you get a commentary during the ride.

Shuttle Stops
John in Front of Lodge & Huge Tree

When we were last here in 2009, we did the 2 mile hike from the last stop at Temple of Sinawava or the Riverside Walk; however, due to road construction, this stop was closed. Instead we did the Emerald Pool hike from the Lodge which is around 2 miles rt. Much to our disappointment due to lack of rain, there was very little water and just a trickle so did not get any good photos. The views on the walk were awesome of the mountains and cliffs. Be sure and bring a bottle of water. We only did the lower falls as the middle and upper were closed.

Signage About Pools

No Water Today

Virgin River

Kind of Looks Like a Pumpkin

From most of the stops there are easy, moderate and strenuous trails. You can get a trail guide at the visitor center.

Hike Description at Stops

Leaving the Visitor Center after our picnic lunch, spotted a mule deer. Added to the day.

Mule Deer

Our drive out the East Entrance we saw a group of Longhorn Sheep beside the road. Another addition to the day.

Our next stop was Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP near Kanab. OHV's and Dune buggies are allowed and the park has a small RV park with full hookups in a few sites. There are 1200 acres of dunes for the OHV enthusiasts.

The dunes were created by three factors: sand, high winds and the influence of a notch between the Moquith and Moccasin mountains. The wind is funneled through this notch with increased velocity carrying grains of sand from the eroding Navajo sandstone. As the velocity decreases, the sand is deposited. My photos do not portray the real color of the dunes.

On our way back we stopped at Verizon to get a replacement for our MI-FI device. The one we had just stopped working.

Tomorrow we arrive at Nellis AFB for 3 months and reunion with friends.