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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Visit to Zion NP

26 October 2018

Today we drove the 30 miles to Zion NP..our last visit was this time in 2009. At that time we drove from Bryce Canyon and entered via the East entrance which takes you through 2 tunnels and on a very winding road. We had to unhook before entering the tunnel. I followed John and was very uneasy as the road is very winding with several hairpins. We were younger and more naive then. We camped at Zion River Resort in Virgin, UT.

Upon entering the park today we wanted to stop at the Visitor Center, but the large parking lot was full which totally surprised us this time of year. This was not the case in 2009. So we opted to do the Zion Mount Carmel HWY to the East entrance..same one as in 2009. The views are magnificent and well worth the drive returning back to Visitor Center...still no parking places so we found a spot near the amphitheater and had our picnic lunch.

West Entrance

Mount Carmel Hwy to East Entrance


We were hoping to drive the Zion Canyon Scenic route, but no private vehicles allowed between March and November. The only access is via shuttle from the Visitor Center and intermediate stops. The shuttle is free and you can hop on and off. We did this in 2009.

The park offers camping, many scenic hiking trails,a lodge and rock climbing. It is open year round.

This is one of our favorite NP's . We plan to return next week and hopefully it will not be as crowded.

Took lots of photos. Afraid my iPhone does not give the true colors.

Look so Small 

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