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Friday, October 26, 2018

Ft Pearce, Hurricane and Red Cliffs

25 October 2018

Today we visited Fort Pearce, Hurricane and Red Cliffs Recreation area. It was a very nice and scenic drive viewing the different red cliff formations. There is so much beauty in the area, each drive affords different views. Just wish there was an ocean nearby..hee hee.

St George Golf Club

St George Golf Club

View of St George from Ft Pearce Drive

When we were in the area 9 years ago this month, we made an attempt to locate Fort Pearce; however, the road up to the fort was covered in red sand so this year made another attempt and found the road although rutted and bumpy, doable this time. When we arrived at the site, there were several ATV's and they looked at us wondering why we came in a car.

Road as it was in 2009
Better Part of Drive to Ft Pearce

Fort Pearce was a Mormon settler fort built in 1865 during the Ute Black Hawk War situated 12 miles SE of St George and abandoned in 1870. All that remains today are the walls of the fort as noted by the picture. The original structure was rectangular with 8 ft walls and 30 ft long containing bastions on the NE and SE corners. Nearby was the corral. The walls are now 6 ft with missing stones. Nearby are some petroglyphs.

Remains of Ft Pearce 

My Love Among the Ruins

View into AZ from fort


Found 2 heart shaped rocks for Hope to add to her garden.

While up there talked with one of the people in an ATV and they recommended we drive into Hurricane and view the Willowwind RV park. We drove around the park and got a brochure. There are sites specifically for RV's with satellites. Prices seem reasonable for location and park. Monthly rate is $525 plus utility fee. If we return to the area, will stay here. Hurricane is located near St George and Zion.

We then drove to Red Cliffs Recreation Area on the way back to St George and just off IH 15. There are many hiking trails that lead to more scenic areas of the park such as cascading pools. The park also has limited camping. We may go back if we have time and do one of the scenic trails if not too difficult.

Tomorrow we are going back to Zion with our last visit this time in 2009.

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