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Friday, October 19, 2018

Cedar Breaks National Monument

18 October 2018

A short drive from the town of Cedar City is the Cedar Breaks National Monument at an altitude of 10,000 ft. on Hwy 14 to Hwy 148.

 Once you reach the park, the scenic drive is 7.5 miles affording 4 Overlooks..Point Supreme,Sunset View,Chessman and North View. From these viewpoints you can view the massive rocky amphitheater from different perspectives.

The road was clear with snow covered meadows. In Spring the meadows will be filled with colorful wild flowers.

The Southern Paiute called the area u-map-wich meaning the place where the rocks are sliding. Later settlers mistook the juniper trees for cedars describing the steep and eroded terrain as breaks...thus the name Cedar Breaks. In 1933 President Roosevelt established this a National Monument. There are red, yellow and purple colorations due to oxidizing iron and manganese.

The park features camping,hiking trails and winter activities for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling on marked trails.

On the way to the park near the entrance we drove up a side road to view the Cedar City Radar site. Should not have had the car washed as the snow and red mud dirtied it. When we got back had it washed again.

Drive back afforded some more views on Hwy 14

For dinner we went to Centro Woodfired Pizza on Center ST. Get there early or you may have an hour wait. I definitely recommend this place if you like pizza, salads and the desserts looked yummy. We shared a 12" Calabrese & Sausage  and Almond Creme Cake. It was delicious. Perfect ending for a awesome day.

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