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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Camp Floyd

12 October 2018

Today we drove to Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn SP and Museum in Fairfield, UT. It is a short 70 mile drive from Ogden.

Camp Floyd was a strategy camp used by the North and South during the Utah War as an attempt of diverting the issue of states rights and slavery including the Mormon problem and polygamy. President Buchanan believed Mormons were rebelling against the laws of the United States. dispatched in 1858 one third of the US Army based on a rumor that a rebellion was taking place. Even though this was not true, the Army remained at Camp Floyd for three years. Their job was to monitor the Mormons, explore the western frontier and provide safety for immigrants moving west. The population of Camp Floyd increased to 7,000 and became the 3rd largest city in the Utah Territory. It was also the largest military installation in the US.

Model of Fort Floyd

Utah Conflict Display

Pony Express Plaque

Camp Floyd Signage

When the Army left in 1861 for the Civil War, some $4,000,000 in Army surplus was sold for a few cents on the dollar and nearly all the buildings were demolished with the Commissary Building remaining and used as a private residence and the Cemetery. The Cemetery was built in 1858 and abandoned in 1861. No graves were marked and it wasn't until 2009 when ground penetrating radar determined location of the graves. Unmarked headstones were placed in 2011 to indicate the location of the graves.

Commissary & Museum


The Stagecoach Inn was built by John Carson in 1858. He and his family lived here and operated a hotel for travelers. It was the first Overland Stage Station west of Salt Lake City. After his death, the family continued to operate the Inn until 1947 and in 1959 they gave the property to the Utah State Parks. It was restored and opened as a museum 1n 1964.

Inn Signage

Stagecoach Inn
Majestic Willow Tree



One of the Bedrooms


Dining Room


The Fairfield District Schoolhouse was built in 1898 and closed in 1917 when students were bused to Cedar Fort and Lehi.Is used today for special events.

On the way back got a photo of what I would name as Mummy Mountain. Not sure of proper name.

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