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Friday, June 15, 2018

Not to Be--Trip back to Oregon

13 June 2018

Well when we awoke this morning we decided that Newfoundland was not to be as we would have to rent cars for two months and some of the areas did not offer rental cars. Renting cars would be a much added expense. This was a huge disappointment as we had been looking forward to touring the area. This would have been our 10th Province to tour.

So we drove into Digby on the way to Yarmouth and asked them to send the Malibu to a junkyard. Thanked them for all their hard work in trying to get it ready for travel. Spent most of day cancelling all our campground  and ferry reservations.
Changed the CAT from Yarmouth to Portland ME for the 15th and started working on our route and stops back to Oregon.

Our return schedule:

 15 June..CAT to Portland ME..830AM departure..arrive Portland ME 130PM..1 night Camper's Haven..Wales,MA

 16 & 17 June..South Shore RV..Sodus Point,NY

 18 June..Huron River Valley RV..Huron, OH

 19 June.Hollywood Casino...Joliet IL

 20 June..Timberline RV..Waukee,IA

 21 June..Offutt AFB..Omaha, NE

 23 June..Holiday RV..North Platte NE

 24 June..Warren AFB..Cheyenne,WY

 25 June..Holiday Hills RV..Coalville,UT

26 June..Ambassador RV Park..Caldwell,ID

 27 June..Arrive Hope's

It will be a rushed trip with 1 and 2 night stops along the way traveling IH80 to IH84 and Hwy 20 to Redmond.

Tonight and tomorrow night staying in Yarmouth at Camper's Haven about a 5 minute drive to the CAT. The CAT is a 5 hr trip.

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