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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Drive to Digby and Brier Island

7 June 2018

Today we drove over to Digby and decided to do the Digny Neck drive to Brier Island involving 2 short ferry crossings from East Ferry to Tiverton on Long Island and Freeport to Westport on Brier Island. Each ferry is $7 CAD RT and takes around 15 minutes. The Neck is situated between St Mary's Bay and Bay of Fundy. Digby Neck runs from Digby to East Ferry, a 45 minute drive.

Map of Neck & Islands & Mainland


Lighthouse on Brier Island

View of St Mary's Bay and Fundy Bay

The Bay of Fundy is recognized as having the most dynamic tidal coastline and home to the highest tides in the world with 54 ft tides. The end of the Neck and Islands have some of the best whale watching areas in North America;however, not today. located along the way are many trails and small communities. Sandy Cove Beach is a great place for finding beach glass and semiprecious stones. We may go back here since we did not stop. Should have done more research.

After the American Revolution in 1783 over 1200 Loyalists arrived in Digby from New York. Also, Black Loyalists numbering 3,000 came to Nova Scotia.

Digby has not been without disaster. In 1899 a fire destroyed most of the business district block combined with a severe northeast gale and blinding snowstorm, the situation intensified as a blocked train prevented firemen from getting to the fire. A total of 44 businesses and residences were destroyed. We did a walk on Admiral's Way.

Admiral's Walk
View of Digby Harbor

Fundy Restaurant

Memorial to Fishermen Lost at Sea

View of Digby from 101

On our drive back we stopped at Balancing Rock near the town of Tiverton. The hike is 2.5 km rt with 235 steps down to the viewing platform. The steps are the most difficult as the hike is level and takes you through the woods and marshes with signage along the way. 20 tons of basalt rock balanced on a ledge over looking St Mary's Bay.

Trail to Rock

Walking Path


More Stairs

Almost There

Balancing Rock

Looking Down

St Mary's Bay

On our way back to campground we stopped at Prim Lighthouse overlooking the Bay of Fundy. It was first constructed in 1804.

Signage on Prim

Prim Lighthouse

Tidal Basin

Looking Toward Fundy Bay

Tide is Out

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