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Monday, June 11, 2018

Car Problems

11 June 2018

When we arrived at our Campground in Annapolis Royale/Granville Ferry on 31 May our intent was to stay until the 7th and then go to Indian Harbor until the 14th, but fate stepped in we started experiencing car problems with our 15 year old 220,000 mile Malibu. Check engine and low fluid lights kept coming on. John felt that coolant was leaking into the engine a different problem than we had in Wilmington, NC when we had seals and gaskets replaced.

On the 5th we took it to the Chevolet dealer in Digby and after spending the better part of the day were finally given two options: take the engine out and replace the gasket which was the more expensive $3000 or find a used one and replace the gasket for $1700-2000. We chose this option and were told we could have it by Friday the 8th. We rented a car from Enterprise since our campground is 25 miles away.

Well, it is now the 11th and still no car. Seems the people at the salvage yard who found the replacement failed to check the engine for any malfunctions.  After the engine was installed, knocking and pings made it undriveable . At this rate not sure we will ever get it operational since 2003 Malibu engines are hard to find. So we will have to come up with Plan-B.

Must say the Campground, Dunromin, has been very accommodating in letting us extend our stay. We are now scheduled out on the 13th. We are trying to stay optimistic that our car will be ready by then and we can continue our journey.

If the car can't be repaired, we will just leave it here and send to junk yard. We considered buying a used Malibu, but buying a car in Canada and taking back to US involves a lot of paperwork etc.

After discussing the continuing trip since we are so close and slim chances of returning, we decided to leave the car with Chevrolet until we return to see if another engine can be found. We will just have to rent cars along the way in Newfoundland.

Must say the staff at Chevrolet tried their utmost to solve our problem, but when dealing with a car this old, not an easy fix. Must be a message here.

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