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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lunch with John's Brother Doug

22 May 2018

Today we drove into Boston to have lunch with John's brother Doug and to tour the lab where he works for Philips in Cambridge. Must say if we never drive in Boston again it will be too soon. Traffic is horrible and the GPS seems to get us lost.We were, however, able to park across from his office in the Galleria.

Two Brothers

Phiiips moved here two years ago from NY and are in temporary quarters awaiting the completion in two years of their new facility in Cambridge. The company is now focused on Medical devices and research. Doug for the past several years has been perfecting an artificial heart for use in medical research and learning. I won't try and explain the process as it is far beyond my comprehension. The hearts are made from a polymer material and can simulate a beating heart known as Cardiac phantoms . Of course it is far more involved than this. Doug has been with the company 51 years.

We walked over to the Sonesta for lunch and final visit. Told him he would have to come to the West coast for next visit.

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