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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Drive to Hull,MA and Forts

9 May 2018

A sunny day so we drove the 25 miles to Hull, MA located on a  peninsula at the southern edge of Boston Harbor via Hwy 3A and 228. This was our second visit since 2012. This is the smallest town by land area in Plymouth County. The area was called Nantasket by the Massachusetts tribe meaning low tide place. The Plymouth Colony established a trading post here in 1621 and incorporated in 1644.

View of Pt Allerton from Fort Revere

View of Hull

Another View 

Lifesaving was an important part of history when the Massachusetts Humane Society after the American Revolution placed one of its first Huts of Refuge here. Joshua James was Hull's most famous lifesaver and first keeper of the Pt Allerton US Life Saving Station in 1889. It is said that over 1000 people from shipwrecks were saved. The exact number is not known since records were destroyed in the Boston Fire of 1872.

Museum Display About Lifesavers

Boat Display Used in Rescue

Rescue Gear

Famous Hotel in Hull that later Burned

Our next stop was Fort Revere was formerly known as Fort Independence during the American Revolution and located on Telegraph Hill. Fort Revere was built on the same site in 1897 with the 6 batteries being built 1898-1906 during the Endicott Period. With the entry into WW I and WW II, the fort was expanded to include quarters and storehouses. After the wars, the guns were scrapped and the fort turned over to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The inside of the batteries are marred with graffitti.

Entrance to Fort Revere

Signage About Officer's Quarters

Officer's Quarters


Water Tower


View of Pt Allerton from Battery

Boston Light

We then drove over the causeway to Spinnaker Island formerly known as Hog Island home to Hull's first HS and Fort Duvall. It has now been developed with condominiums built on top of Long Battery. When we were here in 2012, due to being a gated community, we could not gain access.

Condos on Spinnaker Island

Fort Duvall was a WW I Coastal Fort established in 1917-1974. It was part of the Harbor Defense of Boston. Battery Long was completed in 1927 with guns in the open.In 1942  the guns were casemated.  In 1948 Long was deactivated and processed for salvage. In 1952-1955, the fort was the site of a 90mm Anti-Aircraft battery protecting Boston. During 1956-1974 the post was an Army NIKE site deactivated in 1974.

Condos Built on Top of Long Battery

Peaking Through Long Battery

On our way back we stopped at Schooner's for late lunch. Had a delicious Cape Cod Reuben. Had to ask what that was..Cod with cole slaw and cheese on sourdough. Onion rings were the best..very light and tasty.

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