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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Last Days in Maine

27-May 2018

Our last days in Maine and a drive to Augusta, Machias and Eastport to visit fort sites.

State Capitol ME

Our first stop was Old Fort Western on the Kennebec River in Augusta, the Capitol of Maine. When we were last here in 2013, it was closed. The fort was established in 1754 during the French and Indian War. In 1769 it was converted to a trading post.

Trading Post & Housing

Dining Hall

Goods Store





View of Waterfront in Augusta

During the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) Colonel Benedict Arnold staged his Canadian expedition from here.The main building has been restored and the two blockhouses and magazine remain.

28 May 2018

Today we traveled east to Machias and Eastport. Our first stop took us to Fort O'Brien (1775-1781,1808-1818,1863-1865) located on Machias Bay near the towns of Bucks Harbor and Machiasport. It was built in anticipation of a retaliatory British Raid for the Patriot capture of the British ship, Margaretta.

Fort O'Brien

It was rebuilt in 1808 as a Second System fort with a blockhouse and battery mounting 4 heavy guns.

During the war of 1812 some 900 British troops seized the fort and burned it carrying off the armament.

During the Civil War it was rebuilt including a150 ft earthworks battery and armed with three 32 pounder bore cannons and two 24 pounder rifled cannons. None of the structures or guns remain except for a small cannon replica.

The view of the bay is spectacular.

Machias Bay

We then drove to Eastport to find the site of Fort Sullivan..no remains except for a stone magazine enclosed by a fence.

 Eastport is a charming town and the least populous city in Maine. The city consists of islands with the principal island Moose Island. For 10,000 years the Passamaquoddy called this area home.In 1833 it was the second largest trading port in the country.The first sardine factory was built here in 1875 and by 1886 the town had 13 sardine factories employing 800 men, women and children producing 5,000 cases per week.In 1976 the "Goundhog Day Gale" destroyed many waterfront structures. Fishing is still a major industry as well as touism.

 The day was growing late so on our way back we stopped for ice cream and a quick dinner at a local diner in Hermon.

Tomorrow we depart for St John New Brunswick for 2 nights at Rockwood Campground. Our 2nd stay here.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Camp Meigs & Arrival Hermon, ME

24 May 2018

Our last day at Hanscom AFB we decided to drive down to Readville, MA the site of Camp Meigs.

Camp Meigs was a US Civil War Union Training Camp established in 1862 as a trining camp for Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. and closed in 1865. After the Emancipation in January 1863, African American troops were admitted into the Union Army and trained here. The camp encompassed 139 acres with barracks, stables and officers' quarters. During 1864 it became the site for injured and sick of the MVM including some 71 buildings consisting of wards, quarters, kitchens,storehouses etc.

Civil War Training Camps

Battle for Equal Pay

African Amrican Women in Civil War

A Soldier's Day

The Battle in Florida

Civil War Battles in Florida

Call to Arms

First African American Soldiers

The site is now a neighborhood park with signage and monument. Homes and businesses were built on the 139 acres so no remains of original buildings. Talked with one of the residents who said that only recently were the signs added to mark the African American history in the camp.

On my New Hampshire blog, failed to mention the heart shaped rocks I found for Hope's rock garden. Everywhere I walk I always look for these rocks. Why you ask? Well, it all started on one of our early beach walks in Oregon when we found a heart shaped rock and has continued to this day. My way of always letting her know that I am thinking of her.

Heart Rocks for Hope

Tomorrow we leave for Pleasant Hill Campground in Hermon, ME near Bangor. We were last here in 2013 on our way to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is a very nice campground, quiet, wooded and well maintained with a very friendly staff. We will be here for 4 nights before departing for St John New Brunswick for 2 nights before taking the ferry to Digby NS.

Pleasant Hill RV-Hermon,ME #B7

Weather is cloudy with some rain. We were so glad to get out of the Boston area. Traffic a nightmare no matter what time of day. Good to be in less congested area.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Drive to Nahant MA and East Point Military Reservation

23 May 2018

Drive to Nahant, MA to visit East  Point Military Reservation (1917-1962).  This was part of the Harbor Defense of Boston on property owned by Henry Cabot Lodge who donated the property.

During WW II additional land was bought and leased to support several fire control sites and two gun batteries. The fire control sites are now on private property and have been repurposed by the home owners. Sure wish they would offer tours, but lucky to get a photo from afar.During the Cold War it was the site of a 90mm Anti-Aircraft battery protecting Boston. Between 1955-1962 it was an Army NIKE site.

Fire Control Tower and Home

View of Two Fire Control Towers

Battery Murphy

View From Battery

In 1967 the property was acquired by Northeastern University as a Marine Science Center. Today there is a huge controversy over the proposed 60,000 expansion and the residents of Nahant who contend that the addition will ruin the natural beauty of East Point and make the small community feel like a heavily traveled college campus.

Science Center inside Battery

We last visited here in 2012.Another scenic area with beautiful homes.

Well, tomorrow is get ready to go day as we depart for Hermon ME on Friday for 4 nights before arriving St John NB.

Lunch with John's Brother Doug

22 May 2018

Today we drove into Boston to have lunch with John's brother Doug and to tour the lab where he works for Philips in Cambridge. Must say if we never drive in Boston again it will be too soon. Traffic is horrible and the GPS seems to get us lost.We were, however, able to park across from his office in the Galleria.

Two Brothers

Phiiips moved here two years ago from NY and are in temporary quarters awaiting the completion in two years of their new facility in Cambridge. The company is now focused on Medical devices and research. Doug for the past several years has been perfecting an artificial heart for use in medical research and learning. I won't try and explain the process as it is far beyond my comprehension. The hearts are made from a polymer material and can simulate a beating heart known as Cardiac phantoms . Of course it is far more involved than this. Doug has been with the company 51 years.

We walked over to the Sonesta for lunch and final visit. Told him he would have to come to the West coast for next visit.

Scenic Drive to NH and Forts Dearborn & Stark

21 May 2018

Today we drove up to Portsmouth NH via the scenic route of hwy 1 and 1A through the towns of Newburyport, Salisbury, Hampton, Rye Beach, Odiorne SP and New Castle returning home via IH 95.

There are some beautiful homes overlooking the Atlantic and the drive relaxing and scenic. Enroute we saw several WW II Fire Control towers now on private property.

Fire Control Tower WW II

Our first stop was Odiorne SP to visit site of Fort Dearborn and 1st Settlers site in NH. Fort Dearborn (1942-1948) as part of the Harbor Defense System of  Portsmouth NH. It was a nice walk to view Battery 204 and Battery Seaman (103). During the Cold War the Air Force maintained Rye Air Force Station. The site is now a state park with the Seacoast Science Center here.

Battery 104

Battery 204

Fire Control Station Battery 204

Gun Emplacement

Battery 204

Battery 103 Seaman

Battery 103

Located in the park is the site of the first Settlers in New Hampshire in 1623. A monument and reader board are located on the path.

First Settlers Signage

Direction to First Settlers Monument

Monument to first Settlers in NH

Columbus Road Marker

Columbus Road

View From Settler's 

Our next stop was Fort Stark located on Jerry's Point on New Castle Island (1873-1948). This was also part of the Harbor Defense System of Portsmouth. Previous batteries had been located here during the Revolutionary War. Construction of present batteries began in 1898 with completion of four Endicott batteries in 1904. During WW I, the guns of Battery Kirk were dismounted and sent to France in 1917 and returned  to the USA in 1919, but not to Kirk. The fort remained active during WW II and during the Cold War the Navy took over the fort for reserve training. The property is now a state historic site.

Fort Stark Marker





View of Lighthouse

Ordance Building

We stopped at Gino's  in New Castle for lunch. Clam chowder and lobster roll very good. We did not do any sightseeing in Portsmouth as the day was getting late.

View from Gino's