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Monday, April 2, 2018

Casemate Museum-Fort Monroe

01 April 2018

After visiiting Fort Monroe, we visited the Casemate Museum located in a series of iterconnected casemates, vaulted chambers within the fort's walls. Admission is free and selfguided. The exhibits in the museum cover over 400 years of history from the earliest Virginia Indians to the United States Army and Training Doctrine Command at the fort.The museum opened in 1951.

Building of Fort Monroe

Fort Monroe

Edgar Allan Poe served here in 1828 as an artillery regimental command sergeant major.

32 Pounder Gun

Civil War at the Fort

Lincoln's Visit to Fort Monroe

Jefferson Davis' Cell

Signage About the Shackling of Davis

Cadet at Artillery School

Artillery Planning Room

Gun Battery  Plotting Room

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