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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Visit to Historic Charleston Navy Yard

9  March 2018

Today we visited the site of the Charleston Naval Yard Historic district. The Navy Yard construction began in 1901 becoming one of the most significant Naval installations at that time containing around 57 structures. Most of the yard is now in private ownership. At one time hundreds of thousands were employed, 256 ships built. It was closed in 1996 due to budget constraints and downsizing.

Water Park

Home Coming Statue

Map of Yard

View of Cooper River

Besides the Yard there was the hospital district which is mostly in disrepair. There are some buildings being privately used for different businesses. The area consisted of 32 buildings. A prior hospital constructed in 1917 was demolished in 1922 with the existing structure built prior to and during WWII. The hospital continued to serve the base until 1972.

Hospital Building

We spent most of our time exploring the Officer's Quarters Historic District located at the intersection of Everglades and Navy Way. In 1895 the City purchased lands that were part of the Turnbull and Retreat Plantations and a public park was designed named for the Chicora Indians on the Cooper River. In 1901 the Navy purchased the property and housing for the officers consisting of 28 structures was developed. It seems today that many of these structures are being restored and sold to private citizens. Driving into the park you pass this magnificent home that was once the headquarters and commandant's residence.

Signage of Some of the Houses

Headquarters and Commandant's House


Officer Housing

Officer Housing
Housing Signage

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