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Friday, March 30, 2018

Tryon Palace and Bradham Pharmacy

28 March 2018

Visit today of the Tryon Palace and Bradham Pharmacy in New Bern, NC.

Tryon Palace was built in 1770 and occupied by William Tryon, a British Army General and eighth  governor of North Carolina from 1765-1771.He also served as 39th governor of New York from 1771-1780.wikipedia has an extensive article on Tryon.This was North Carolina's first permanent capitol until it moved to a more central location in Raleigh in 1794. In 1791 George Washington on his southern tour attended a dinner dance here.

Tryon Palace

Blacksmith Shop


Palace Gardens

Kitchen & Slave Quarters




Council Room

Ladies Parlor


Floating Staircase

Guest Room

Guest Room

Formal Garments and Gown

Master Bedroom


Slave Quarters

In 1798 the Palace and Kitchen office burned down leaving only the stable. Cause of the fire is unknown, but some think it was started in the basement where hay was stored by an unattended candle. The fire destroyed everything in the Palace.

It lay in ruins until a group of concerned ladies led a coalition to bring it back to life and it was reopened in 1959.  The structure you see today has been restored by artisans using the plans of John Hawks.The furnishings donated from collections in England and the USA. Costumed interpreters take you on a tour.

The obstacles  to overcome in the rebuilding included moving some 50 buildings, rerouting Hwy 70 and building a new bridge over the Trent River. Also, archaeological work had to be done.

After Raleigh became the state capital, the Palace was used as a school, boarding house and Masonic Lodge.

Tickets for the Palace that also includes tours of the Stanly House, Dixon House, Hay House and NC History Center are $20.We only toured the Palace and made a brief stop at the History Center.

The Stanly House was built in 1780 by the same architect, John Hawks and has housed 3 generations of the family.

The Dixon House sits at the entrance to the Palace and was built in the 1830's and was part of the Palace grounds property sold off after the fire.

Christ Episcopal Church on Pollack St was built in 1871 in Gothic Revival style.

Our last stop was the Bradham pharmacy,birthplace of Pepsi in 1898 on Middle and  Pollack sts. Of course, we had to order Pepsi floats tossing our diets to the wind. They also feature a store of Pepsi items for sale.

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