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One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Shackleford Island

29 March 2018

Today we took the passenger ferry from Beaufort to Shackleford Island. As in 2012 we did not see the wild horses which was the intent of the visit. A huge disappointment. There are some beautiful old homes on the Bay by the ferry landing.

It is unclear how the horses got here some 300 or more years ago. DNA evidence links them to Spain and Portugal. They are considered wild and feral with the population controlled by dart contraception. They are referred to as Banker Horses and are sometimes adopted. For centuries they have cared for themselves. After storms, they are checked and it can sometimes take as much as 2 months to find all the herd. They do not receive supplemental feeding as it can be dangerous to the horses. They have adapted to receiving their nutrients from a number of grasses on the island. They do not drink salt or brackish water. Fresh water is found under barrier islands which fill surface pools.

Detailed records are kept on the horses. There are between 110 and 130 horses on the island and are protected by Federal law.

Shackleford is a barrier island containing many different types of sea shells. The island is 9 miles in length and has a nice beach. The island is located between Beaufort Bay and Cape Lookout.

Across from Beaufort sits another island called Carrot and it also has a herd of wild horses. In retrospect had I done more research, would have opted to take the ferry here.As we were passing the Island, saw several horses.

Another ferry trip from Morehead City takes you to Sand Dollar Island. Would like to have done this also.

Tomorrow is get ready to leave day. Supposed to rain.

Driving into the campground, spotted two deer.

Our next stop for 2 weeks is Oceana NAS Virginia Beach Sea Mist Campground.

Tryon Palace and Bradham Pharmacy

28 March 2018

Visit today of the Tryon Palace and Bradham Pharmacy in New Bern, NC.

Tryon Palace was built in 1770 and occupied by William Tryon, a British Army General and eighth  governor of North Carolina from 1765-1771.He also served as 39th governor of New York from 1771-1780.wikipedia has an extensive article on Tryon.This was North Carolina's first permanent capitol until it moved to a more central location in Raleigh in 1794. In 1791 George Washington on his southern tour attended a dinner dance here.

Tryon Palace

Blacksmith Shop


Palace Gardens

Kitchen & Slave Quarters




Council Room

Ladies Parlor


Floating Staircase

Guest Room

Guest Room

Formal Garments and Gown

Master Bedroom


Slave Quarters

In 1798 the Palace and Kitchen office burned down leaving only the stable. Cause of the fire is unknown, but some think it was started in the basement where hay was stored by an unattended candle. The fire destroyed everything in the Palace.

It lay in ruins until a group of concerned ladies led a coalition to bring it back to life and it was reopened in 1959.  The structure you see today has been restored by artisans using the plans of John Hawks.The furnishings donated from collections in England and the USA. Costumed interpreters take you on a tour.

The obstacles  to overcome in the rebuilding included moving some 50 buildings, rerouting Hwy 70 and building a new bridge over the Trent River. Also, archaeological work had to be done.

After Raleigh became the state capital, the Palace was used as a school, boarding house and Masonic Lodge.

Tickets for the Palace that also includes tours of the Stanly House, Dixon House, Hay House and NC History Center are $20.We only toured the Palace and made a brief stop at the History Center.

The Stanly House was built in 1780 by the same architect, John Hawks and has housed 3 generations of the family.

The Dixon House sits at the entrance to the Palace and was built in the 1830's and was part of the Palace grounds property sold off after the fire.

Christ Episcopal Church on Pollack St was built in 1871 in Gothic Revival style.

Our last stop was the Bradham pharmacy,birthplace of Pepsi in 1898 on Middle and  Pollack sts. Of course, we had to order Pepsi floats tossing our diets to the wind. They also feature a store of Pepsi items for sale.

Kinston Battlefield

27 March 2018

It started out a nice day, but soon turned rainy and windy on our way to Kinston, NC to view some Civil War markers and sites pertaining to the Battle of Kinston. We stopped at the Visitor Center, one of the nicest with various state maps and travel booklets.

We drove to several sites and John even in the rain hiked to one of the earthworks and along the driving tour managed to get several signs about the battle. Our last stop before leaving was the Battle of Kinston battlefield and Starr Battery.

The battle took place 13-14 December 1862. Kinston was the Confederate first line of defense between New Bern and Goldsboro. Earthworks were built on Southwest Creek and Neuse River. The entire NC coast except Wilmington was in Union control. In taking Kinston, General Foster planned to take Kinston, destroy the gunboat at White Hall, wreck the railroad bridge at Goldsboro and capture Wilmington.

After two days of intense fighting, Foster's objectives were achieved except he did not capture Wilmington due to circumstances following the Confederate victory at Fredericksburg, VA, he was forced to abandon his plan and retreat back to New Bern.

Foster had 10,000 infantry, 40 pieces if artillery, 640 cavalry, 200 supply wagons, 300 African American pioneers and nine gunboats. General Evans of the Confederate army had fewer than 2500 soldiers at Kinston.

On the way home we took a detour to Ayden to have dinner at the Skylight Inn Barbecue that was featured on one of the Travel Channels food programs. We timed it just right, as soon there was a line out the door. They only take cash and you order at the counter. We had a chopped barbeque sandwich with slaw and hot sauce and shared an order of baked beans..the best we have tasted. Wish I had the recipe. They have been in business since 1947. Only disappointment, they did not have hush puppies.