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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Visit to The Hunley

25 February 2018

Since tours of the Hunley are only given on Saturday and Sundays due to ongoing restoration, we decided to do the tour today. The tours are guided at a cost of $14 for seniors and last around 90 minutes. It was difficult to get good pictures as it is through glass and submerged. The Hunley was the world's first combat submarine. Two prior sinkings of the Hunley were in August 1863 and October 1863 during test runs in Charleston Harbor. In the August sinking 5 crew members were killed and in October 8 crew members were killed. In the final sinking in February 1864 and final recovery in 2000 the 8 remains and 100's of artifacts were recovered.

Plaque at Fort Moultrie

The Hunley was manned by 8 in small confines of a 4 ft hull.  A layer of sand, sediment shells and corrosion built up over time make it very time consuming in the restoration project. It was completely masked by years of concretion. Clemson University has undertaken this project and it is not know when the project will be completed.

Hunley Model


On 17 February 1864, the Hunley successfully sank a Union ship the USS Housatonic. Shortly after the Hunley disappeared with no crew members to tell the story. Survivors from the Housatonic testified that the Hunley attacked only partially submerged. The sinking may forever remain a mystery.

Among artifacts found belonging to George Dixon, commander of the Hunley, was a $20 gold coin that had saved his life in battle by adsorbing the impact of  a bullet in the battle of Shiloh in 1862. Also found was a gold watch,gold and diamond jewelry and a suspender clasp.Pipes with tobacco were also recovered.

Picture of some of Artifacts

Story of Capt Dixon's Gold Coin

Through forensic science, the 8 bodies were able to be identified and interred in Magnolia Cemetery along with the other 13 bodies from August and October.

Reconstructed Faces of Hunley Crew

Hunley Crew of 8

Burial in Magnolia Cemetery

Monument to Crew of Feb 1864

Monument to Aug 1863 Sinking

Monument to Crew of Oct 1863

Burial Plots of 1863 Crew

1863 Crew

We then drove down to White Point Garden Park, location of the Charleston Battery. There are some magnificent homes surrounding the park.

Monument to Moultrie

Fort Sumter Monument

Looks like a big project

Under the l

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