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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tribute to Casey

26 December 2017

A very sad day indeed as sweet Casey passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Hope, Shawn and grandsons Colt and Cade as many of us will truly miss her. She had been part of the family for 10 years and a definite asset giving her unconditional love and devotion. We always looked forward to our visits with her..especially as we pulled into the driveway, she always came and sat by the motorhome door until we let her in, gave her treats and invited her up on the sofa while visiting.

Knock, Knock

Favorite Spot in RV

She and family cat, Checkers, were good buddies, played together and shared the sofa. When Checkers passed several months ago, Casey was very sad and missed him. She went hunting and fishing with the family and enjoyed exploring the outdoors.

Sharing the Sofa

In recent weeks, her kidneys started to fail as well as her eyesight and hearing. It is always difficult to have your pet's health decline. In the past 27 years we have lost 4 of our special dogs. Sweet Destiny was the most difficult and we continue to carry her ashes with us. Rupert, Chelsea and Sam we scattered over the Pacific.

Casey & Destiny

Hope and family decided to bury Casey on Shawn's dad's ranch and his mother, Susan, had a beautiful cross made to hang on the tree by her grave. Such a moving thought. When we return in October will visit her resting place.

Memory Cross

Here are some memory pictures:

Colt & Casey-2014

Cade & Casey-2014

Here's Looking at You

Sneaking Under the Fence

Last Family Picture-Cutting the Christmas Tree

I still tear up when I recall the memories and will miss her. You were special and will bring love to all the dogs in heaven.

God Bless you.

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