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Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving in Tucson with Darin and Kerry

23 November 2017

Today we shared Thanksgiving with son Darin and son-in-law Kerry and Kerry's Tucson family. First time we had seen his family since Darin and Kerry's wedding in Las Vegas in 2014. Wine and appetizers followed by a feast of turkey, ham,yams,mashed potatoes, dressing, green and fruit salads, mixed vegetables, mushroom green beans. There was so much food and many leftovers. Homemade blueberry, pumpkin and apple pies completed the feast. As expected, they did a bang up job of hosting and presentation. Thank you so much. It was a Thanksgiving to be remembered. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful family. You are special to us and may our blessings continue to grow.

Kerry and Darin

With my Guys

Cousins Tim & Deb, Kerry's daughter Erin & Brittany

Kerry, Mike,Darin, Myra & Lily

Tim, Kerry's Sister Rosine,Cori,Erin,Brittany,Mike,Myra & Lily

Rona, Cori, Myra and her Mom Sherry

Kerry's niece Lily Checking out the feast

Kerry's Family

Our Texas family celebrated at Chris's in Round Rock..an annual affair. There were 6 grand kids present and 3 kids...Chris, Dave, Jack, Cameraon..Liz, Ryan and Michael.Eric, Cindy, Kendyl and Parker.  Texas grand kids range in age from 14 to 21. Chris and Liz are John's daughters and Eric is my son.

3 Texas Families

Texas Grandkids

Daughter Hope and family Shawn, Colt and Cade celebrated in Shady Cove with her dad and stepmom and family.Colt and Cade are 14 and 11. Sure they did some fishing while they were down there on the Rogue River.

Storey Family with Shady Cove Family

Sure would be nice if someday we could all celebrate together..5 children, spouses, and 8 grandkids.Know that being in five different areas, it would be hard to do.

Thank you kids and grandkids for giving us so many blessings. We love you and think of you often. Sometimes it is not easy blending 2 families, but seems to work for us.

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends.

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