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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pima Museum with Darin & Dinner at Campground

15 November 2017

10 November

Today we went with Darin to the Pima Air and Space Museum near the base. This was our second visit and Darin's first. This is the 3rd largest air museum in the world and they have quite a collection. After lunch in the cafe, we toured the inside exhibits and then walked around outside. Darin was a load master on the C-141 during the 90's and to his surprise, the C-141 on display was one he flew on. He remembered the identifying numbers from his flight log which he still keeps. Kind of made his day.





Darin by the C-141

In Front of the Super Guppy

Another View of the Guppy

Sunday, Darin and Kerry came for early dinner. Fixed an assortment of nosh and fajitas. Kerry enjoyed a bottle of Pinot Grigio and Darin and I a bottle of Merlot. We had good conversation and laughs. They are planning a big Thanksgiving day with family.

My Guys

14 November 2017

Today we took the Malibu in for a new compressor. Our friends Marta and Bill recommended a place that recently did work for them. It is always good when in a strange area to get feedback. We rented a car and dropped the car at Century A/C. Todd, the owner is very nice. We can't complain as the car has over 200,000 miles and this is first problem we have had with the A/C. Thanks friends for your recommendation. Asked Todd if it would last another 200,000 miles and he laughed.

On the rental car we noticed a dragon fly attracted to the antenna so had to get a picture.

Later in the week, Freedom RV is sponsoring a cookout at the campground with attendees bringing a potluck dish. I am going to make a pasta salad. They generally bring over several RV's for viewing.

On Friday we are meeting Bill and Marta for lunch at La hacienda.

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