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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Last Days at Desert Eagle RV Park-Nellis AFB

04 November 2017

Our time is drawing to a close as we depart tomorrow for 1 night in Wickenbery AZ before arriving Davis Monthan AFB until the 24th.  While there we will visit son Darin and son in law Kerry as well as friends Marta and Bill. Darin and Kerry are planning a big Thanksgiving family get together.

We have had a good stay at Nellis AFB Desert Eagle RV park visiting with campground friends and LV friends. Sure did enjoy Shylo and Smokey. They are sweet dogs.

Kevin & Shylo

Kevin, Joy & Shylo
Denise, Phil & Smokey

Today I even saw some snow on Mt Charleston. Did not get any Thunderbird photos this trip as they were touring on weekends and our site did not afford the clear views of their flyovers, but I did get some other photos AF planes.





We both had good checkups at the clinic and John even had a Nuclear/Cardiolite 3 hour test. First good checkup he has had since 2012 and his quad bypass in 2011. So we feel good to go to continue our trip to Newfoundland.

We visited our favorite restaurants with friends...Pieology, Hampton's, Yardstick,Kneaders,Bagel Cafe,John Mulls' Road Kill and Cracker Barrel. Tonight we are going with Phil,Denise, Joy and Kevin to Cracker Barrel.

Lunch at Road Kill with Joy and Kevin
Dinner at Cracker Barrel with Denise,Phil,Joy & Kevin

Last Sunday, Cousin John, wife Vicki and son Jarrett stopped by for a visit. They were in LV for 1 night before heading back to NC. Last time I saw John was in 2012 when we were in NC. Had never met Jarrett nor their other son, Benjamin. John is mother's sister Aunt Lyt's youngest son. It sure was good visiting with them and hope our next visit is not so far. Just love to hear that southern drawl and it has been a long time since I've heard yes Ma'am. Thanks family for taking time to visit and let us keep in touch. Jarrett, you are a son of whom to be proud.

Dinner a Pieology with Family

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