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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fort Duncan-Eagle Pass,TX

29 November 2017

Today we drove down Hwy 277 to Eagle Pass and a visit to Fort Duncan with a stop at the Eagle Pass AFS so John could get photos of the old base buildings not in disrepair.

Fort Duncan was a US Army base set up to protect the first US settlement on the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass. It opened in 1849 and was reoccupied in 1868 by Federal troops. There are several buildings still standing and the museum was open. The post consisted of a storehouse, four officers quarters,hospital, two magazines and barracks. Most of the buildings remain except for the barracks which is a shell.

We got a nice tour of the museum steeped  in history and basically manned by one person from the area. Open in afternoons and no charge. He has amassed quite a collection of memorabilia of the fort and town.

Bakery & Commissary
Barracks Plaque

Remains of Barracks

Post Headquarters now Museum

Fort Plaque

Powder Magazine

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