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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fort Duncan-Eagle Pass,TX

29 November 2017

Today we drove down Hwy 277 to Eagle Pass and a visit to Fort Duncan with a stop at the Eagle Pass AFS so John could get photos of the old base buildings not in disrepair.

Fort Duncan was a US Army base set up to protect the first US settlement on the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass. It opened in 1849 and was reoccupied in 1868 by Federal troops. There are several buildings still standing and the museum was open. The post consisted of a storehouse, four officers quarters,hospital, two magazines and barracks. Most of the buildings remain except for the barracks which is a shell.

We got a nice tour of the museum steeped  in history and basically manned by one person from the area. Open in afternoons and no charge. He has amassed quite a collection of memorabilia of the fort and town.

Bakery & Commissary
Barracks Plaque

Remains of Barracks

Post Headquarters now Museum

Fort Plaque

Powder Magazine

Visit to Fort Clark-Brackettville,TX

28 November 2017

Fort Clark-Brackettville TX

Our drive today took us via Hwy 90 East with a detour to Camp Wood NE of Brackettville to visit site of  Camp Wood and Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz. The mission was established in 1762 to protect the Lipan Apaches from the Comanche tribes. After the mission was abandoned until 1857 when a permanent camp named Wood used as a Texas Ranger Station. An effort is being made to restore the mission. Only stones and markers remain today.

Fort Clark began as a US Army Post in 1852 to defend the settlers and travelers against Indian attacks on the Pecos Trail. During the next 100 years it was home to Buffalo Soldiers regiments, Cavalry units and the Black Seminole Indian Scouts. During WWII, it was the headquarters for the 2nd Cavalry and housed more than 3,000 German POW's.

Guardhouse now a Museum



Sutler Store now a Gift Shop

Officer's Club

Bacelor Officer Quarters

Post Headquartes-Burned Thanksgiving day 1959

Post Theatre

Commanding Officer House

Post Swimming Pool

Today is has been repurposed into housing, businesses, museum,golf course,hiking, biking trails, motel and RV park.

This is definitely worth a trip and had it not been for the lateness of the day, would have liked to spend more time.

Took a lot of photos. Also in the area is the replica for The Alamo buit for the John Wayne movie. Unfortunately it has been closed for years.

Tomorrow we are driving to Eagle Pass to visit the Eagle Pass AFS which is in deterioration and then to visit Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass.

Arrival Laughlin AFB-Del Rio,TX

24 November 2017-01 December 2017

Early departure today for what we thought would be Fort Bliss in El Paso for 1 night, alas they had no sites so we opted for the KOA in Las Cruces..our second visit. Nice campground for a stopping or few night's stay.

25 -26 November

A 300 mile drive to Fort Stockton at the Fort Stockton RV park..our 2nd visit here as well. Nice park just off IH10 east of Fort Stockton..nice pull thru sites with full hookups and Roadrunner Cafe. We will be here 2 nights as John as some sites to explore within 100 miles..primarily Ozona AFS established 1957-1963 since closed with deteriorating buildings and housing area. Latham who lives on the property was gracious to show John around and relate history. At one time his grandmother owned the property which has since exchanged hands manu times. We then drove back toward Fort Stockton to Pyote to visit remains of the Rattlesnake Bomber Base and AFS. Could not have access so John got picture of monument on highway. The name came from the many nests of rattlesnakes when building the base.

27 November 2017

A 200 mile drive today via Hwy 285 to Hwy 90 to Del Rio and Laughlin AFB ..our stop for 4 nights before going to San Antonio. Roads in West Texas are long and desolate...seems only fit for sidewinders. Coming into Del Rio we crossed over Amistad Reservoir..to the south it is in Mexico and to the north in Texas. This is a very large boating and fishing area

Crossing the Amistad Reservoir

Laughlin AFB is home to the 47th Flying Training Wing, the Air Force's largest pilot training bae dating back to 1947. It is a census designated place with a population of around 1600.  This is our first visit. Went to Rudy's for barbeque dinner..one of our favorite Texas barbeque restaurants.

Site #19

View of  FAMCAMP

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving in Tucson with Darin and Kerry

23 November 2017

Today we shared Thanksgiving with son Darin and son-in-law Kerry and Kerry's Tucson family. First time we had seen his family since Darin and Kerry's wedding in Las Vegas in 2014. Wine and appetizers followed by a feast of turkey, ham,yams,mashed potatoes, dressing, green and fruit salads, mixed vegetables, mushroom green beans. There was so much food and many leftovers. Homemade blueberry, pumpkin and apple pies completed the feast. As expected, they did a bang up job of hosting and presentation. Thank you so much. It was a Thanksgiving to be remembered. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful family. You are special to us and may our blessings continue to grow.

Kerry and Darin

With my Guys

Cousins Tim & Deb, Kerry's daughter Erin & Brittany

Kerry, Mike,Darin, Myra & Lily

Tim, Kerry's Sister Rosine,Cori,Erin,Brittany,Mike,Myra & Lily

Rona, Cori, Myra and her Mom Sherry

Kerry's niece Lily Checking out the feast

Kerry's Family

Our Texas family celebrated at Chris's in Round Rock..an annual affair. There were 6 grand kids present and 3 kids...Chris, Dave, Jack, Cameraon..Liz, Ryan and Michael.Eric, Cindy, Kendyl and Parker.  Texas grand kids range in age from 14 to 21. Chris and Liz are John's daughters and Eric is my son.

3 Texas Families

Texas Grandkids

Daughter Hope and family Shawn, Colt and Cade celebrated in Shady Cove with her dad and stepmom and family.Colt and Cade are 14 and 11. Sure they did some fishing while they were down there on the Rogue River.

Storey Family with Shady Cove Family

Sure would be nice if someday we could all celebrate together..5 children, spouses, and 8 grandkids.Know that being in five different areas, it would be hard to do.

Thank you kids and grandkids for giving us so many blessings. We love you and think of you often. Sometimes it is not easy blending 2 families, but seems to work for us.

Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Water Softener and Dinner with Marta & Bill at Campground

20 November 2017

This is our last week at Davis Monthan AFB FAMCAMP. On Friday we depart for Fort Bliss Army Base in El Paso for 1 night then Fort Stockton for 2 nights and Laughlin AFB in Del Rio before finally reaching Fort Sam military campground in San Antonio on the 1st for two weeks.

John ordered a maintenance,salt free water softener made by TRC Electronics that our RV friend Dick recommended. So Dick and John spent the better part of Saturday trying to configure it for the RV. After John made several trips to ACE, Harbor Freight and Lowe's for parts, he finally got it installed. Yea, we now have soft water. It is supposed to take several weeks to clean out the pipes. Our friends, Bill and Marta also have one in their home and are quite pleased. Dick and Deb also installed one in their home.

Happy Installer

Water Softener Install

We had Marta and Bill over for dinner on Monday. Little did we know when we met at the Air Force Academy two hears ago, we would become such good friends. This has been our third connect with them. We enjoy their conversation, laughs and, of course, their dog Chewie.  Keep in touch and we will do the same.

Wine,Beer and Spaghetti Dinner with Bill & Marta

Ater dinner we viewed a beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pima Museum with Darin & Dinner at Campground

15 November 2017

10 November

Today we went with Darin to the Pima Air and Space Museum near the base. This was our second visit and Darin's first. This is the 3rd largest air museum in the world and they have quite a collection. After lunch in the cafe, we toured the inside exhibits and then walked around outside. Darin was a load master on the C-141 during the 90's and to his surprise, the C-141 on display was one he flew on. He remembered the identifying numbers from his flight log which he still keeps. Kind of made his day.





Darin by the C-141

In Front of the Super Guppy

Another View of the Guppy

Sunday, Darin and Kerry came for early dinner. Fixed an assortment of nosh and fajitas. Kerry enjoyed a bottle of Pinot Grigio and Darin and I a bottle of Merlot. We had good conversation and laughs. They are planning a big Thanksgiving day with family.

My Guys

14 November 2017

Today we took the Malibu in for a new compressor. Our friends Marta and Bill recommended a place that recently did work for them. It is always good when in a strange area to get feedback. We rented a car and dropped the car at Century A/C. Todd, the owner is very nice. We can't complain as the car has over 200,000 miles and this is first problem we have had with the A/C. Thanks friends for your recommendation. Asked Todd if it would last another 200,000 miles and he laughed.

On the rental car we noticed a dragon fly attracted to the antenna so had to get a picture.

Later in the week, Freedom RV is sponsoring a cookout at the campground with attendees bringing a potluck dish. I am going to make a pasta salad. They generally bring over several RV's for viewing.

On Friday we are meeting Bill and Marta for lunch at La hacienda.