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We have dreamed of this for many years and finally our dream has come true.
We are looking forward to many happy miles ahead.
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Repairs at Guaranty and Arrival Red Bluff,CA

25 August 2017

Before leaving Elkton, we drove back to Shore Acres in order for John to do a guided tour of the Radar Site. On the way back we finally got a viewing of the Elk in the preserve near Reedsport on Hwy 38.

We arrived at Guaranty RV in Junction City, OR on the 20th for needed repairs on the roof and some other issues. The gratis camping across from repair has 30 and 50 amp. Couldn't resist photo of large fir tree behind the RV.

We feel comfortable having them do our repair work as they have done very good jobs in the past starting with installing our tow bar and roadmaster braking and towing system. We also purchased our 2003 Malibu from them for $5,000. Later we had them install the inverter as Camping World did a botched job failing to install a breaker box.

It is important to book your appointments as far in advance as possible. We scheduled our appointment back in March.Since our last visit Guaranty has built a new parts store that also  features a cafe and laundry. The sales staff put on a barbecue for lunch one day. Very good.

Getting back to repairs. We needed the roof resealed and any issues necessary taken care of as well as reseal the front window rubber strips. We also needed to get an estimate on repairing the clear coat peeling on the back in the bottom panel that showed hair line cracks in the fiber glass. To do a proper job the estimate came in at $3500 so we decided to postpone that until a later date.

Thanks Pat, our service manager and Randall who did most of the roof work as well as several others. A job well done.

We also  met several nice couples while we were there and hope to keep in touch with them.

Our intent when we departed today was to spend 2 nights in Sunny Valley, but as we approached the area the smoke from all the Oregon fires was very bad, so I called and cancelled. John had several places he wanted to visit in the area, but decided to press on to Red Bluff, CA where we extended our stay from 3 nights to 5. A long drive and not until we got past Weed did the smoke diminish.  We arrived at the park around 430PM.

View of Mt Shasta

Lake Shasta

This is a very nice park just a mile off IH5 on Hwy 38 and Chestnut. Spaces are long, gravel and full hookups. Nice office and store and pool.  With Good Sam discount around $35/nt. Most of the sites are shaded with large trees. Would definitely recommend.

From here we are going to Travis AFB for 2 weeks. Temperatures here and down there are in the 100's. We are keeping a close eye on Texas hurricane as we have kids in San Antonia, Austin and Dallas.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Drive to Cape Arago OR and Shore Acres SP

17 August 2017


Today we drove to Cape Arago south of Coos Bay and Charleston on the Arago Highway. On the way we made a brief stop at Fort Umpqua in Elkton. This was our first visit since 2006. At that visit they were just  reconstructing the fort. Much progress has been made thanks and due to the dedicated efforts of volunteers and donations. The site is on Hwy 38 and across the Umpqua River from the original site which burned in 1851 which is now on private land. Fort Umpqua was a Hudson's Bay Company fort and the southernmost outpost of the HBC serving as a trading center for beaver and sea otter furs. As the fur trade declined, the fort became an agricultural center for settlers and tribal members. The original fort was established in 1836 and closed in 1854. In 1862 a flood washed out to sea the remaining evidence of Fort Umpqua. Many of the staff were Hawaiians and Polynesians hired by the HBC.

Fort Umpqua-Elkton OR


Trading Store

Chart of What 1 Beaver Pelt Could be Traded

Staff Quarters

Staff Quarters

Trading Store

Continuing our drive to Cape Arago, Shore Acres SP and WW II Radar Site via Hwy 38 to Reedsport and the Arago Cutoff from 101 in Coos Bay to the Arago Highway, we arrived at the Simpson Reef viewing area and the many sea lions and seals resting on the rocks.

The California Sea Lion breed in California in the summer with the males migrating north as far as British Columbia.

The Steller Sea Lion is the largest of the sea lions and breed in Oregon in summer using Cape Arago as a haul out site during non breeding season.

The Northern Elephant Seal can be seen here most of the year. They haul out here to rest and molt losing not only their fur, but upper layers of skin. During this process,they do not eat or drink. They can dive up to 4,ooo ft for feeding.

The Harbor Seal are here most year round giving birth at Cape Arago. The pups can swim at birth.

The views from Shore Acres SP are magnificent. Also, on the grounds is a gift shop, botanical gardens and cottage that Louis Simpson resided after his first home burned and during the reconstruction of his second home. During Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, the Park features more than 300,ooo holiday lights and exhibits.

Cottage Where Simpson & Family Lived

The park began as a private estate of Louis J Simpson. The original mansion perched 75 ft above the sea was destroyed by fire in 1921 shortly after the death of his first wife. The second and larger mansion fell into disrepair during the depression and in 1942 the property was purchased by the state of Oregon. During WW II the house was used by the military as an officer's residence and finally razed. On the sight today is a small rounded information kiosk.

We then hiked the 1/3 or so mile on the Pack Trail up to the WW II Radar Site that unfortunately has been desecrated with grafitti. Why this is done is beyond my comprehension and such a shame. It was established in 1942 to detect incoming enemy aircraft and closed in 1944. It is technically a Radar Site,but referred to on the map as Bunkers.

This was definitely an interesting day and so glad we did the drive. John found out that tomorrow there will be a guided tour of the Radar Site at 200PM, so we will return.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beautiful Oregon Coast Drive

16 August 2017

Our drive from Depoe Bay via Hwy 101 to Reedsport along the coast was very scenic. In all our travels, the Oregon Coast is by far the most scenic and breathtaking. There are many SP's with beach access as well as private parks. For those who have not driven the Oregon coast, you should put on your list of scenic drives. iPhone photos don't do justice to the views.

At Reedsport we turned onto Hwy 38 to Elkton and the Elkton RV Park, our home for the next 4 nights. The park is on the Umpqua River, quiet and very nice. Full hookups overlooking the river with the cost of $30.50/night for the Good Sam discount.

On Sunday we go up to Guaranty in Junction City to have the motorhome roof inspected and to see the cost for repairing the back lower panel where the clear coat has started to peel.