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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Selkirk Loop In British Columbia

17 June 2017

Finally a nice day, so we decided to drive the British Columbia part of the Selkirk Loop roundtrip from Creston via Hwy 3A, ,Hwy 6 and Hwy 3. This involves a free ferry crossing from Kootenay Bay across the Kootenay Lake to Balfour, BC.

Map of Selkirk Loop in USA and BC

The East side takes you along the lake with scenic views passing the towns of Wyndel,Sirdar,Kiskonok, Boswel, Gray Creek and Crawford Bay. Some are very small with few homes and other towns seem to be artist colonies.

Fettile Farmland

Marina and Lake

We stopped in Boswel to see the "Bottle House" built in 1952 by David H Brown from over 500,000 embalming bottles.

Brown retired from the funeral business with an endless collection of bottles. He wanted to do something creative and pratical and had many friends in the business who could add to his collection. After choosing a beautiful piece of land overlooking Kootenay Lake, he bult what is described as a cozy cottage with round rooms arranged in a cloverleaf style.

Bottle House

Another view

By the tower

Living Room

Living Room

Master Bedroom


Taken From Photo of Brown

Surrounding the house are terraces, bridges and pavilions all made from the bottles. The bottles are square and arranged like bricks, mortared and cemented, In the gardens are many gnomes and ceramic figurines. the house is located on Hwy 3A before approaching Boswell and is opened for tours in the summer.

Gnome Garden

Crossing the Bridge


Terrace View

Continuing on we boarded the ferry to Balfour..a short 30 minute ride..no reservations or fee..just get in line. The ferry holds many vehicles..large and small as well as RV's. Only way to cross the Lake at this point.

Arriving Ferry


Fully Loaded

Our drive on the west side of the loop took us through Nelson, one of the largest towns on the loop, Salmo where we connected with Hwy 3 taking us over the Kootenay Pass at almost 6,ooo ft. There were several animal warning signs, but we did not see any.

Top of the Summit

Another view

Upon arrival back in Creston, we decided to have dinner at Tim's Fish and Chips across from the Creston Museum.Friendly atmosphere and staff. They offered a varied menu, but our objective was the Cod. Would definitely recommend if in Creston.

Tim's Fish and Chi

All in all it was a good day.

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