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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fort Steele Heritage Town

19 June 2017

After touring fort we toured the reconstructed Fort Steele Heritage Town. The town represents a typical turn of the century town of the East Kootenays with over 60 buildings  thanks to the efforts of volunteers and donations.

Entrance and Visitor's Center

Walking through the town gives you the feeling a reliving the past bringing sounds back to life such as the hammer on an anvil at the Blacksmith's,the smell of fresh baked bread, the period dress of the locals as they greet you on your stroll. The backdrop of the mountains provides beautiful views.

Stage Office

Interior of Stage Office

Courthouse & Jail

Interior of Courthouse

Blacksmith & Harness Stores

Interior of Blacksmith Shop

Grocery, Clothing and Hardware Shops


Interior of Drugstore

Hotel, Now Museum

Catholic Church

Interior of Church


Interior  of School


Ladies of the Night

Fort Steele came alive in 1892 when major deposits of silver, lead and coal were discovered and prospectors flooded the valley in search of fortune and quickly grew to over 1,000. Many businesses sprung up as well as fraternal organizations.

The boom began to slow in 1899 as the Canadian Pacific Railway by passed Fort Steele in favor of Cranbrook. By 1910 the town was in sharp decline. With the appeal of local citizens in the 1950's, the area was declared an historic site in 1961.

Instead of eating our picnic, we couldn't resist lunch at a cafe on our stroll. We each got a Farmer's Sausage sandwich.Very good.

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