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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Drive to Colville and Beyond

5  June 2017

Today we drove up Hwy 395 to Colville, WA  with a return on Hwy 2o east to Hwy 2 south back to Spokane. This is a very pretty drive with rolling hills, fertile farmland ,ranches and mountains. The purpose of the drive as to visit the remains of the Colville AF Radar Station so John could document on his fortwiki.com website.

We stopped at the Stevens County Historical Museum in Colville for a tour of the museum and Keller House and grounds. The museum houses a very good collection of history in the area including Native American dress and artifacts, toys from the past, history of the town and county and displays of stores from the era. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed in the museum. After touring the museum, we had a guided tour of the Keller House built in 1910 at a cost of $5,000 with furnishings totaling $10,000. The house was built by Harry Young for his bride Anna . He passed away in 1914 and shortly thereafter Anna married Louis Keller, a prominent Colville businessman. Anna passed away in 1963 and Louis in 1966. There were no children and the house was left to the city to be used as a park. Many of the furnishings are original to the house. The carriage house still has the 1937 Jaguar.


Keller House


Dining room

Husband's Bedroom

Wife's Bedroom

Music Room

Carriage House

1937 Jaguar

On the grounds is a miner's shack and fur trader's house as well as some beautiful flowering bushes and enormous trees.

Miner's Shack

Interior of Miner's Shack

Trappers House

Interior of Trapper's House


We then departed for the Radar Location located up a very primitive road deep in the forest off Hwy 20.Not terribly fond of traveling these primitive roads especially in our Malibu. The housing area is completely demolished and the upper Radar site is deteriorating and marked with graffiti.  The Station was in operationfrom 1951-1961.Sure was glad to get back on the highway stopping along the way to view Crystal Falls and have a picnic lunch with sandwiches we purchased at Safeway in Colville.

Crystal Falls Hwy 20

Another View

Enjoyed the drive on Hwy 20 passing Pend  Oreille River. This is very scenic country and our first visit to this area.

David Thompson Signage

Pend Oreille River

Tomorrow we depart for Bonner's Ferry and Blue Lake RV campground.

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