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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Drive on Hwy 12 East to Kooskia,ID

23 June 2017

Before driving on Hwy 12 East (this is route we will take to Missoula), we drove to the viewpoint above Clarkston and Lewiston which also has signage about Donald MacKenzie's Pacific Fur Co. Trading Post. He established the Post in 1812. The effort failed and he sold out to the British.

Our drive today took us beyond our drive yesterday with stops as far as Kooskia. This is a beautiful drive along the Clearwater River pass rolling farmland, forests and small towns. Idaho does a very good job of pointing out the historical signage and sites on their roads. Hwy 12 is known as the Lewis and Clark and Nez Perce Trails. So much history.

Our first stop was the Lenore Archeological  Sign and Site. For over 10,000 years this site was inhabited by Nez Perce.Today it is a rest area.

Moving on toward the town of Orofino is the Canoe Camp site of Lewis and Clark where in 1805 Lewis & clark used the chip and burn method to make canoes for their trip to the Pacific Ocean. As you wak the site, you can't help but think that you are walking in the same area as the Nez Perce and Lewis & Clark.

On reaching the town Greer we took a detour to the town of Wieppe to see the Wieppe Prairie where Lewis and Clark first entered the homeland of the Nez Perce on Sept 20, 1805 after coming over the Lolo Pass. The road was very winding and  climbs to elevation of almost 5,000 ft. Views breathtaking.

Continuing on to Kamiah, we visited the Asa Smith Misson Signage and the Lewis and Clark Long Camp.Asa Smith and his family estabished a mission in 1839; however, unsuited to the demands of hard work, they left in 1841.

Our next stop was Long Camp where Lewis and Clark camped in the spring of 1806 while they waited for snow to melt in the mountains.

A brief stop at Heart of the Monster, birthplace of the Nez Perce, we continue on to sites and signage near Kooskia including Clearwater Battlefield where on 11 July 1877, General Howard hoped to take the Nez Perce by surprise. The Nez Perce withdrew and the fighting ended.

Our last stop was Looking Glass Band Campsite. In 1877, the Band tried to remain neutral in the conflict between the Army and the non-treaty Nez Perce.   Unfortunately the Army did not trust them  and they were attacked. Their village was destroyed and hundreds of horses were stolen. The Bank then joined forces against the Army.

Signage About the Battle
Site of Clearwater Conflict

We did not do the Lolo Pass due to distance. Will save that for our drive to Missoula.

On our return we stopped in Orofina for a bite to eat at Augie's Deli. I had the best Reuben ever and John had a ranch chicken wrap.  It was another day of history learning and more to come tomorrow.

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