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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Confluence of Snake and Clearwater Rivers in Lewiston, ID

26 June 2017

Another very hot 100 degree day, so we stayed close to campground except for 2 mile drive to the Confluence of the Snake and Clearwater display near downtown Lewiston.  It was on the Snake River that Lewis and Clark made camp on October 1805. At that time the Snake was named Lewis.The Nez Perce word for the meeting of the rivers is Tsceminicum.

Walkway From Parking Area


Another View

At the entrance to the display is a beautiful bronze sculpture by artist Nancy N. Dreher interpreting Indian mythology with its symbolic Earth Mother at the headwaters representing the native wildlife presided over by the coyote,the most important figure in Nez Perce legends.

The Snake River is 1.078 miles long and the largest tributary of the Columbia River joining at Pasco ,WA.It rises in Wyoming, flows through southern Idaho, Oregon and Washington. The river was created by a volcanic hotspot underneath Yellowstone NP. The Shoshones made a hand sign representing fish that was misinterpreted to represent a snake, thus the name Snake River. More than 11,000 years ago, Native Americans lived along and fished the River.Salmon from the Pacific Ocean spawned in the river.

The Clearwater River is 75 miles long and flows from the Bitterroot Mountains along the Idaho and Montana border joining the Snake at Lewiston. This is the largest tributary of the Snake. The Nez Perce named it Koos-K00s-Kai-Kai meaning "clear water".

Below is flower display by office at campground.

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